This is Some of the Tech Sycorr is Using

Written by: Brady Drake

About Sycorr

Sycorr is a company focused on automating back-office operations for the financial industry. Their clients include: Bank of North Dakota, Cornerstone Bank, Howard Bank, Gate City Bank, and Pinnacle Bank among others

Zoho One

“Zoho One is an all-in-one cloud-based business software suite. With over 45 individual applications, Zoho One covers many of our business needs across departments. Features include: email, calendar, CRM, project management, accounting, human resources management, marketing automation, and business intelligence.”

Why they like it: “By consolidating multiple applications and services into a single platform, we reduce the need for multiple logins, transfer data between different applications more easily, and work with only one vendor which saves us time.”


“Grammarly checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style errors across browsers and many popular applications. It goes beyond a basic spell check to include more advanced corrections and improvements such as sentence structure, word choice, and even tone. As a bonus— with so much interest in artificial intelligence nowadays, they have even developed their own AI solution called GrammarlyGO.”

Why they like it: “We maintain professionalism and have more time to focus on what we want to say instead of hunting for spelling and grammar mistakes.”


“Perimeter81 is the next evolution of VPNs (virtual private networks), which encrypt network traffic from your computer to other systems. With the concept of the office changing, it is vital to have a solution that is flexible enough to work no matter where employees work. A software-defined network or modern VPN tool provides a secure tunnel to protect traffic. If a more advanced solution like Perimeter81 is over the top for your business, solutions like Surfshark or NordVPN are great alternatives to ensure someone is not monitoring you on public Wi-Fi or some other unknown connection that team members may need to use while on the go.”

Why they like it: “The Internet is the backbone of our business processes; therefore, we must proactively protect that critical infrastructure. The old days of having various solutions independently configured in the world of SaaS tools and remote offices are not manageable anymore. Perimeter81 protects our traffic from prying eyes and helps us sleep at night.”


“Bitwarden is a password management tool that allows users to store, manage, and secure their passwords across different devices and platforms. Beyond protecting some of your most sensitive information in an encrypted format, there are various time-saving features such as automatic password generation, reports to enhance your security profile, autofill for online forms, easy-to-understand secure password sharing, and two-factor authentication.”

Why they like it: “When selecting a trustworthy vendor to keep your secrets, you want someone dedicated to security. Third-party audits, public bug bounty programs, and zero-knowledge encryption show their dedication to ensuring they do their best to protect your data.”


“RingCentral might have started as a business phone system, but it has expanded into an easy-to-manage external communication platform. It includes business text, video meetings, voicemail-to-text, softphones, screen sharing, and mobile apps to easily take business calls on the road. With a little configuration, you can unlock advanced features such as call queues, CRM caller ID pops, or even automatic ticket creation in your helpdesk.”

Why they like it: “Reliability and professionalism are priorities when it comes to interacting with our clients. RingCentral allows us to route calls to the right person, whether working in the office, at home, or on the road.”

“SimplyMeet is an online scheduling tool that allows people to schedule meetings, support sessions, and other events in real-time. Integrating with popular calendar tools such as Google or Exchange, you can share your free/busy status to avoid double bookings without giving people total access to your calendar. It’s full of helpful features like a friendly email reminder of an upcoming meeting to help ensure everyone shows up.”

Why they like it: “Wasting time going back and forth in email trying to find an available time for a meeting is so yesterday. SimplyMeet allows our clients to book an appointment via a web page, saving us time, and elevating their experience with our staff.”


“A popular project management and issues tracking tool, JIRA can track what is going on with bugs, feature requests, and tasks—all within a centralized location. JIRA quickly becomes an excellent tool for those who wish to manage Scrum, Kanban, or other popular agile project management methodologies.”

What they like it: “JIRA helps us ensure projects get done and find what is holding up progress. JIRA is our source of truth to see what’s happening so we don’t drop the ball.”


“An internal communication and collaboration tool, Slack provides the ability to chat, share files, organize conversations, fire up instant video calls, and interact with loads of third-party integrations to bring context to discussions.”

Why they like it: “Slack is easy to use, keeps our team members connected, and it just works.”

Linkedin Sales Navigator

“Although most people know LinkedIn is a professional social media platform, Sales Navigator takes the experience to the next level for sales professionals, marketers, or recruiters looking to find and engage with targeted leads, prospects, or clients on LinkedIn.”

Why they like it: “For a business-to-business company like ours, being able to zero in on our potential client base is priceless. Unlocking the ability to view nearly all LinkedIn profiles combined with advanced search tools is worth the price of admission any day.”

Contact Sycorr

Facebook: /sycorr
Linkedin: /company/sycorr
Twitter: @sycorr

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