Meet Some of the Office Dogs of Fargo-Moorhead!

Written by: Josiah Kopp
Dog Feet

Here at Fargo INC!, we love all things local business and meeting so many wonderful faces across the metro—including our furry friends! Meet some of the most adorable and huggable office dogs of Fargo-Moorhead (it’s okay if you let out a few audible “awws” along the way).


Breed: American Bullweiler
Business: Nelco First Ad

Meet Nelco First Aid’s office dog, Truk—an American Bullweiler named for his size, and it is also co-owner Kurt McSparron’s name spelled backward

Fun fact:
When Truk wants something that you are holding, he shakes his head “yes,” whether you asked him if he wants it, or not.


Breed: French Bulldog
Business: Wimmer’s Diamonds

Meet Rosie, Aaron Wimmer’s French Bulldog. She loves to assist guests (and get belly rubs) as they look at jewelry.

Fun fact: Rosie is quite the model and enjoys posing for Wimmer’s online social content.


Breed: Shih Tzu
Business: Personal Touch Marketing

Solo is Vice President of Personal Touch and never misses a staff meeting (when there is food involved).

Drake & Lucca

Breed: English Labs
Business: Dakota Medical Foundation

Meet DMF’s two office dogs, Drake and Lucca! Drake is an English Lab, and has the temperament of a cat. He’s also DMF’s official Giving Hearts Day dog mascot!

“[Lucca’s] temperament is closer to that of a rowdy toddler,” Riley Boese of DMF said. “Her facial structure has led us to believe she’s part seal.” She is, however, also an English Lab.


Breed: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Business: Be More Colorful

Grace is a canine participant in K9 Crew Fargo, a group that gives at-risk youth a space to connect with others through canine obedience training.

Fun fact:
Grace will stay on her bed until she hears the command “free,” although she takes some liberties with what “on” her bed actually means.

Winnie & Chalie

Breed: Poodle Mix & Australian Shepherd Mix
Business: GoodBulb

Winnie and Charlie at GoodBulb are the best greeters in town! Winnie, who is a poodle mix, loves to sleep, and Charlie, who is an Australian Shepard Chocolate Lab mix, loves to play. Stop in and say hello!

Shepp, Riggs & Zeus

Breeds: Golden Retrievers & Lab/Shepherd Mix
Business: Dabbert Custom Homes

Shepp and Riggs are the ultimate dynamic duo—they go everywhere together! Where you find one you will find the other.

Zeus loves to watch out the window and open the door for guests as they come into the office.


Breed: German Shepherd/Corgi Mix
Business: Tellwell Story Co.

Kevin has about a dozen brothers and sisters in the FM area with a very similar look, all coming from Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue through 4 Luv of Dogs.

Willow & Henry

Breeds: Mini Australian Shepherd/Mini Poodle Mix
Business: Zandbroz

“It is not an exaggeration to say that people come into Zandbroz just to see the dogs,” said Josie Danz of Zandbroz. “Especially Willow—everyone loves Willow. She will wiggle and wag her tail at just about anyone who comes through the door. She is the best marketing asset we have! Henry is a bit more selective in who he warms up to, but when he does, he’s a lover.”

Scout & Piper

Breed: Black Labs
Business: VISIONBank

Scout & Piper are the official greeters of VISIONBank, and they even know which clients regularly stop by just to give them a special treat!

Paisley & Dash

Breeds: Maltipoo & Maltese
Business: Paisley & Dash

In case you were wondering where the tasty Fargo-favorite bakery got its name, Sara Lien’s Paisley & Dash was named after her two Maltipoo and Maltese pups.


Breed: Miniature Goldendoodle
Business: Benjamin Custom Homes

Ruby is a hugger and loves boat rides in the summer!

Brady & Vinny

Breed: Shepherd/Pyrenees/Husky Mix
Business: Arbor Park Living Center

Brady and Vinny are seven-month-old brothers. Brady is the watchdog and Vinny is the guard dog. Although they love to spend the day in their fenced yard with their kiddie pool, they really enjoy napping.


Breed: Great Dane/German Shepherd
Business: Heat Transfer Warehouse

Kali loves Costco bones and follows Brianna (HTW’s Executive Assistant) around the office no matter where she goes, including car rides. She also thinks she only weighs 30 pounds yet weighs over 110.


Breed: Husky/Yellow Lab
Business: Heat Transfer Warehouse

Lucy is the best cuddler and gives hugs on demand. When running on a leash, if there are other runners ahead, she will try to pull you faster to get in first.


Breed: Bulldog
Business: Heat Transfer Warehouse

Harley can jump into office chairs in the blink of an eye, and can and will body slam you because he thinks you want to have fun.


Breed: Airedale Terrier
Business: Heat Transfer Warehouse

Lion squeaks to get your attention and is the queen of the office.


Breed: Schnoodle
Business: Heat Transfer Warehouse

Nicknamed “Care Bear,” Bear is the most energetic one in the office and only works part-time.

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Josiah is an Editor and Photographer at Spotlight Media in Fargo.