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Written by: Brady Drake

Have you found yourself looking at the walls of your office and wishing you had the perfect piece to hang there, but weren’t sure what you wanted? Maybe you want something that feels meaningful, plays on the color scheme of your brand, or gives nods to local landmarks and Fargo-Moorhead culture. Whatever your taste may be, check out these seven local artists who provide a wide array of beautiful artwork that are perfect for public and office spaces.

These 7 Local Artists Create Stunning Art For Businesses!

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Helpful Tip
See an artist whose work you love, but looking for something specific? These artists also create custom-commissioned paintings, so you can work with the artist to dream up exactly what you’re wanting for your space!

Fox & Squirrel Co.

Sarah Geiger created Fox & Squirrel Co. as a way to make cool stuff with her fiancé, Paul Koppinger. She has a graphic design background and an eclectic view of artwork. F&S Co. mostly creates laser-cut wall decor and accessories that look great anywhere and give a homey feel to your office space.

Geiger’s biggest goal for 2023 is to work more with local businesses, from wholesale to custom pieces. The process would be unique to each client depending on the type of artwork they’d like. “We would love to collaborate on design style, imagery, color, and material to create something special for each business,” Geiger said.

To view more of their work or to get in touch regarding a custom piece, shop their Etsy page by visiting etsy.com/shop/FoxandSquirrelCo or email them at [email protected].

Emily Brooks

For the past decade, Brooks has been making custom pieces of art for her clients through her creative business, Taea Made. Her specialties include large-scale murals, creative machine embroidery, and upcycling. Some of Brooks’ recent work includes custom embroidered pillows for the guest rooms at Jasper Hotel in downtown Fargo, a collection of works through The Arts Partnership ArtWORKS program in Fargo’s new City Hall, and ice cream wings on the side of Silver Lining Creamery, which can be seen from Fargo’s Broadway Square (and is also one of Fargo’s most Instagrammable photo ops).

“Most of the work I do is custom—I enjoy working directly with my clients to make their ideas come to life,” Brooks said. “We start with a free consultation to discuss the project and then work through sketch ideas until we find a great concept. The exciting part for me is bringing someone’s vision to life with the skills I can contribute to the project.”

To view more of Brooks’ work or to contact regarding a custom piece, visit taeamade.com, or email her at [email protected]

Knask Designs

Knask Designs owner and artist Jessica Korynta’s artistic journey began over 30 years ago in a cabin in the Minnesota north woods surrounded by people speaking and learning the Norwegian language. At Skogfjorden, Concordia’s Norwegian Language Village, all the staff and villagers wear wood-burned nametags that show their new Norwegian persona while spending their summer learning about Norway. Over the years, her passion for pyrography developed and she now looks forward to creating hundreds of these little creations every summer and has even presented one to Her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway as a gift from Concordia Language Villages.

While pyrography will always be a passion for Korynta, she has evolved her art into unique lasered wood creations as well, always keeping the natural beauty of the wood as the shining star in any piece. “My goal with my art is to create positive, uplifting, and encouraging artwork,” she said. “I find inspiration in quotes of people I admire, song lyrics, and more.”

From small pieces to sit on a desk to large wall hangings (her largest to date being 2 ft x 8 ft), she hopes her work helps to create a positive atmosphere wherever it is displayed.

Interested in a custom piece for your office or public space?

Visit knaskdesigns.com or email Jessica at [email protected]

Laura Rettig

Local Fargo abstract artist Laura Rettig creates a mix of bold and neutral pieces and utilizes materials such as raw canvas, locally built wood frames, acrylics, inks, and oil sticks. She creates commissioned pieces for individuals and businesses. “The process is really enjoyable and we dive into your creative ideas,” she said. “We gather ideas and you share your vision with me, then I get started! Some clients like to be involved in the steps and some like to be surprised in the end. The involvement level is up to the individual.”

To view more of Rettig’s work or connect about a custom piece, visit laurarettig.com or email her at [email protected]

Dennis Krull

Dennis Krull is a Midwest-based encaustic artist, who uses abstracted imagery and clear, bright colors to create his artwork. His work is created with one of the oldest mediums still in use today called encaustic, which is made of beeswax, damar resin, and pigment.

Krull began working as a photographer, but when he began using encaustic as a medium alongside his photographs, he was enticed by the process. “I have told many that it is like being a painter and sculptor at the same time,” he said. “Although this medium has been around for ages, not many know about it. But when they see encaustic work, they are amazed by the translucency of the pieces and the depth of the layers.”

Looking for a custom piece? Krull creates custom work with encaustic, photo encaustic, and photography for any space. To view more of his work or to connect regarding a custom piece, visit 5foot2.com or email him at [email protected]

Mark Holter

Mark Holter is a visual artist who works primarily with acrylic paint, mixed media, and digital art. Mark has been involved with art most of his life, from painting murals while in the US Navy, creating set pieces for the stage in Lake Forrest, IL, to exhibiting his paintings in galleries across North Dakota. Mark is currently a premier artist at Gallery 4 in Fargo and participates in various art events in the region.

When creating custom art pieces for professional settings, Holter works with the office designer to create a piece that would fit with the style they are capturing for the space. “I’ve worked a lot in the abstract, which I feel lends itself to being more flexible,” he said. “For me, creating a piece of commissioned art isn’t about just matching colors; it’s about adding to the space’s energy. I think about how the piece will affect not just the visual flow but the overall feel of the space. While the piece is a representation of me as an artist, it’s also a representation of that company.”

For custom pieces, Holter prefers to visit with those involved with commissioning the art to understand what they want to accomplish with it.

To view more of Holter’s work or to connect regarding a custom piece, visit markholter.wixsite.com or email him at [email protected]

Nancy Baier

Local artist Nancy Baier works with a variety of mediums and her work is typically inspired by nature, whether representational, imaginative or in an abstract style.

Currently, she is working primarily with polymer clay creating wall art and presenting this versatile product in new and unexpected ways including a range of 2D techniques, relief sculpting, and exploring its combination with other materials. Polymer clay work makes a distinctive impression with color, textures, and dimension.

Baier loves creating custom art pieces for offices and has worked on commissions in the past. After meeting with a client to discuss their preferences and needs, Baier would provide sketches and mockups and then consult further regarding design specifics and any necessary alterations. Her preference is to update the client with works in progress to ensure that their requests are being met—she believes communication is of the utmost importance throughout the artistic process.

To view more of Baier’s work or to connect with her regarding a custom piece, visit riverbendstudioartwixsite.com/riverbendstudio or email her at [email protected]

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