How American Crystal Sugar Company Uses Facebook To Connect With The Red River Valley

Written by: Fargo Inc

There’s no doubt that social channels like Facebook have changed the way we connect with people. With just one click or tap into an app, you can start chatting with your family or friends across the country – or, better yet, across the world. 

So how important is Facebook to businesses? Does community engagement even matter? It sure does! While it’s great for people to know about your business, they need to know who and what is behind the product or service they’re buying. 

Let’s take a look at what American Crystal Sugar Company, our own local sugar processing company, is doing on Facebook to connect with the communities in the Red River Valley. 

Spreading Their Mission

American Crystal Sugar Company Facebook post on safety.

From sharing safety topics to showcasing how involved they are in the community, there’s no doubt that American Crystal’s mission is to spread awareness that they care about the well-being of their employees and the people in the community. 

Announcing New Hires

American Crystal Sugar Company New Hire

It’s clear that American Crystal is proud of its employees because each new one gets a shout-out on Facebook. This is a great practice and a good way to keep the community informed with who’s working behind the product they purchase. 

Sharing Industry Information

American Crystal Sugar Facebook sugar fact.

You want people to come to your business for answers about the products or services you provide, which is why being a thought leader in your own industry is critical. American Crystal is being seen as just that by posting a variety of sugar facts that range from the history of sugar to how sugar can be used for more than just food.

Recognizing Product Contributors

American Crystal Sugar Company post about product contributors.

American Crystal wouldn’t be able to make the high-quality sugar they produce without the sugar beets that come from the hard-working growers in the Red River Valley. Whether they post a picture of one of the #CrystalCoKids or a great shot of a tractor in the field, they do an incredible job showing us what it’s like on the other side of the factory.

Celebrating Holidays And Unique Observances

Who doesn’t love celebrating holidays? American Crystal sure does, and they don’t forget about any of them. Whether they ask what cookies you’re baking for Christmas or thanking Veterans for their service, they always do an incredible job of humanizing each holiday or observance, encouraging their community to engage with their posts. 

Bravo, American Crystal Sugar Company, for doing such an incredible job connecting with communities in the Red River Valley. You’ve set the bar high and we look forward to seeing more of your posts on Facebook. 

By incorporating these types of messaging categories into your own content marketing strategy, your business can start to humanize your brand and engage with your community. If you need help engaging with your online community, let the experts at Spotlight help. Learn more about what we can do for you at

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