Helping Your Company Flourish By Using Digital Wellness For Workforce Recruitment

Written by: Brady Drake

As we have seen throughout this magazine, wellness programs can help give your company an edge in hiring while also allowing employees to be more productive. Flourish, a local digital wellness solution is helping employers tailor its programs to their employee’s unique needs while increasing their access to local products, programs and services that actually improve well-being.

According to Flourish’s owner, Andrew Scott, users of Flourish have reported increased employee engagement in wellness offerings, greater morale in the workplace and increased knowledge of employee needs. Increases in these areas can make a real difference in an organization. According to Scott, there are three major reasons why organizations need to support their employees’ wellbeing needs:

1. Poor health is on the rise and it is getting costly

An estimated 60% of working adults experience poor health:  high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, mental health issues, cancers, the list goes on! Health economists project that the number of individuals battling poor health is only going to get worse. Organizations are experiencing rapid increases in healthcare spending. Employees with poor health have, on average, five times higher healthcare costs annually. These sicker employees lead to greater utilization which increases spending. Those with poor health incur 81 percent of hospital admissions, 91 percent of all prescriptions and 76 percent of all physician visits.

2. 7 in 10 employees are disengaged

Another epidemic plaguing organizations is that a majority of employees are ‘checked out.’ They are disengaged. According to Gallup, 7 in 10 employees are disengaged in the workforce. These employees are not helping the organization grow or become a success. They are putting in the time, but lack passion and energy when completing tasks. A disengaged workforce can kill the morale of the office as they tend to be less satisfied, not as collaborative and lack the motivation to move the organization forward effectively.

3. 75% of all organizations struggle to recruit and retain top talent

Focusing on taking care of employees significantly influences recruitment and retention of high-quality individuals.  Organizations that make supporting employees a business priority are more likely to be viewed as Employers of Choice.  

In today’s market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain top talent. 75 percent of organizations struggle to attract and recruit the top people they need. Establishing a reputation of firmly embracing employee needs garners the attention of active job seekers and even those who are currently high-performers in other organizations not thinking of leaving. A major deciding factor between your organization and the next for a highly-talented employee could be how you engage your employees. 57 percent report that the organization’s reputation around supporting employees is a significant factor in job selection.

Flourish Is Setting Itself Apart From Traditional Onsite Wellness Programs

Traditional wellness programs can be costly and not well received. According to Scott, traditional wellness programs have an average engagement of just 20-30 percent due to a number of factors. One of the biggest factors that keeps employee engagement low for traditional wellness programs is the limited ability to participate in activities outside of the office. And those activities that are available in the office are limited because it’s difficult and costly for companies to provide robust wellness programs internally.

“Simply put, employees are unique with unique well-being needs,” said Scott. “For many, the programs are limited and do not resonate with their needs. Having a program in the workplace that meets the needs of most would be nearly impossible – they would be costly, require a dedicated individual to manage all of the programs, and require the infrastructure or space to accommodate all employees.”

Flourish Tips
Flourish gives users access to a number of tips for wellness.

Flourish and its digital platform allows employees to access resources outside of their workday that include but are not limited to: fitness, nutrition, financial wellness, spiritual wellness, social connectedness, mental/emotional support, rest/relaxation, stress management, self-care and career/professional development.

What’s more? Each employee’s needs are evaluated using a three-step approach to help them figure out their greatest needs

1. Evaluate

Users complete a five-item health survey and receive feedback to help build awareness of their top health needs.

Health Assessment

2. Educate

Based on needs and interests, users can access content written by local and national health experts.

3. Engage

Users can access hundreds of local and national (complimentary, reduced-rate, and enhanced) experiences based on health needs and interests.

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Brady is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media in Fargo, ND.