Hanson Runsvold: Serving The Community For 100 Years

Written by: Brady Drake

“Our goal is to exceed your expectations. At Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home, we are dedicated to making every service a meaningful celebration of life.”

(from left to right) Aynsley Gunnerson*, Jacques Boucher*, Cyd and John* Runsvold, Owners, Alex Rydell*– President of the ND Funeral Director’s Association

*Licensed Funeral Director

When Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home was founded in 1920, funerals looked completely different than they do today. However, they still serve the same important purpose. They offer the opportunity for ceremony and ritual, a gathering of people to celebrate a person’s life, to remember, and to mourn a loss. 100 years ago, funeral services were often religious ceremonies with little personalization. Today, they are a unique expression of a person’s life; a time to learn things about a person that you might not have otherwise known and a time to gather and share stories about their life. With new technologies, families can share pictures and videos in beautiful collaborative tributes. Funerals have become much more meaningful and involved events that can be enhanced by the expertise of a funeral home like Hanson- Runsvold. Hanson-Runsvold’s staff focuses on the finest details, ensuring that each funeral they are involved in is a unique tribute to the person’s life. At the family’s request, they also offer live streams of services on their website to make them more accessible, something that has become integral during the pandemic.

“One of our core values is that the family always comes first, so when they come to us with certain ideas or wishes for how they’d like to honor their loved one, we help to make that happen,” said Funeral Director, Alex Rydell. “We are proud to be professionals who continue to educate ourselves on how we can help create the most meaningful funeral experiences for the families we serve.”

215 7th St S, Fargo, ND 58103



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