Face Of Curly Hair Salon: Kristy Zimmerman, Uptown Curl

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

Uptown Curl specializes solely in curly hair cutting, coloring, and styling. Curls are only cut in their dry, natural state. You won’t find any razors or thinning or texturing shears here! Founder and Creative Director Kristy Zimmerman founded Uptown Curl in 2014 with a passion to help all curly-haired people feel beautiful and empowered. After disappointing experiences at traditional salons, Zimmerman began experimenting with her own hair. The Hudson, WI native graduated from the Salon Professional Academy in Eau Claire, WI in 2011, and opened her first location in Uptown Minneapolis in August 2014. She has since expanded across the upper midwest, now including Fargo, due to high demand. Uptown Curl started with just two employees and now has a team of thirty.

“I grew up hating my tight curly hair, but now I realize what a gift it is to be able to help others understand their own curly hair and love themselves for the way God created them,” says Zimmerman. “I am grateful to serve the beautiful, unique, and multicultural community of curly-haired people across the Midwest and hope to open salons in even more under-served communities across the US.” Zimmerman has worked with some notable stylists, including her idol Lorraine Massey. In addition to receiving training and inspiration from Massey as a friend and cohort in education sessions across the globe, Zimmerman was able to contribute as the lead hair colorist in Massey’s best-selling book “Silver Hair A Handbook” in 2018.

Uptown Curl

4900 13th Ave S Ste 6

Fargo, ND 58103



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