Dirty Jobs: Clean It or Can It

Written by: Geneva Nodland

Founded by Jordan Vittitow, the woman-owned and family-run venture, Clean It or Can It puts a fresh spin on trash talk with its simple yet complex services—to clean your dirty garbage bins.

Since its inception, Clean It or Can It has revolutionized curbside appeal by turning your bad-smelling trash bins anew. First, they document the grime with a “before” photo, then unleash the power of high-pressure rinses, scrubs, and eco-friendly practices, ensuring your bins are not only clean but also eco-responsible. After a meticulous detailing and a touch of deodorizer, your bins are reinstalled at your home, fresher than ever, and of course, complete with a photo in their full “after” glory.

Proud to serve a diverse clientele, including many who can’t tackle the task themselves, Clean It or Can It has proven itself a dirty, but appreciated business in the community. They tackle the tough job so you don’t have to, with their work even preventing pest problems as well as providing peace of mind with every bin they freshen. No task too dirty, no bin too cruddy, Clean It or Can It stands ready with their custom-built cleaning rig—with the perfect balance between affordability and quality, making this dirty job a win for all!

Did You Know?

After finishing up customers’ bins, the team at Clean It or Can It disposes of the “gray water” at a regulated dump station. This eco-friendly practice ensures that the murky water, a byproduct of their cleaning process, stays out of the streets and helps maintain a cleaner, greener community.

Top 3 Dirtiest Tasks

  1. The Clean It or Can It team regularly faces a challenging task: confronting pools of thick, smelly sludge at the bottom of bins. This unsavory mixture is often made up of rotting fruit juices, spoiled milk, and even fecal matter from broken bags of dirty diapers. These jobs are particularly unpleasant and potentially hazardous for customers to tackle themselves, which is why the team suits up with professional cleaning equipment and protective gear, including masks, gloves, and eyewear, to handle the cleanup efficiently and safely!
  1. You might find your garbage bin is only partially emptied, with waste materials stuck clinging to the bottom. This common issue arises when garbage trucks can’t completely empty the cans, leaving behind unwanted trash that requires further attention. The experts at Clean It or Can It are skilled in dealing with such scenarios, stepping in with their specialized tools to ensure that every last bit of refuse is removed, leaving bins clean and customer-friendly.
  1. Encounters with maggots, flies, and other insects are frequent for the Clean It or Can It crew, particularly when they discover bins contaminated with fecal matter, pet waste, and decaying food. These pests not only create an unsightly mess but also pose health risks due to the bacteria and viruses they can carry. The team’s thorough deep cleaning processes are critical in eradicating these infestations, ensuring that the bins are sanitized and safe for residents to handle, thereby maintaining community health standards.

Why Get Down & Dirty?

As gross as the job can be, the crew finds motivation to do it by, as Owner Jordan Vittitow said, “solving a problem for the community.” It’s a service everyone can benefit from—and it’s an accessible and affordable one at that.

“We have a lot of disabled customers that simply cannot do the job themselves, we like to know we’re helping someone who needs it at the lowest cost possible. We also know many people are very concerned about germs for their health and some people simply get easily grossed out; it’s a job they don’t want to do but need to be done, and we’re willing to do it for them! It’s a win-win,” Jordan said.

Selling the Shine

While it’s almost a no-brainer to want to keep your trash bins clean, it’s not an easy task to keep up on—and that’s exactly why Clean It or Can It began, but being a small business, they still need to get their practical services in front of people. To do that, they use a variety of marketing tools that work for them as a small business, check it out!

Facebook Posts and Reels

There’s no better way to prove a service’s skill than to see the finished product, and the Clean It or Can It socials show off their best work, from grime to shine!

QR Codes

After completing a job, with permission from the client, the crew will smack a sticker onto the bin with a QR code to the Clean It or Can It booking site. So, while the cans are new and sparkling, potential clients can easily see what the business does and directly book if interested!


“We have also run a promotion for the first 10 disabled veterans to contact us and request a free trash bin cleaning,” Jordan explained. Clean It or Can It is a 100% disabled veteran-owned business, so the team came up with a marketing promo to benefit their community— keep your eyes out for another soon!


Clean It or Can It teamed up with Above and Beyond Cleaning Services, a highly acclaimed, woman-owned company in Fargo. This partnership allows customers to book both home cleaning services and bin sanitation from a single platform. They compliment each other, taking care of the inside and out and, making it a comprehensive clean-up package for any homeowner!

Clean It or Can It operates with a custom-built rig, specially designed to tackle the grime of garbage and recycling cans. They prioritize safety, wearing masks and eyewear to protect against the nasty splashback from toxic bacteria lurking in the bins. Their approach is straightforward, focusing on quality and affordability, to make this service accessible to all!

Learn more about this dirty job!

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