Dirty Jobs: Rainbow Restoration

Written by: Geneva Nodland

Meet Rainbow Restoration of Fargo, the heroes who make sure the disasters you face don’t last. Founded by Ned Halilovic, who also leads Ambassador Cleaning, and run by a small, invested team, Rainbow Restoration offers the craft of turning calamities into comfort. Their team specializes in tackling the toughest of clean-ups: fire damage, water disasters, and mold mayhem—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As a full-service restoration powerhouse, they’re known for quick and effective clean-up of the aftereffects of water damage, a frequent menace in Red River Valley. Whether it’s a commercial space or a residential one, Rainbow Restoration rushes in where others might tread lightly.

But the dirt doesn’t stop there; the team also dives deep into some of the most daunting scenarios imaginable. In one instance, imagine stepping into an abandoned house overrun by hundreds of cats. In another, with their IICRC certification, they’re also the unsung heroes in biohazard cleanups, from meth labs to crime scenes, tackling tasks that are as essential as they are unspoken.

Top 3 Dirtiest Tasks

  1. When a sewer backup strikes, the Rainbow Restoration team is called to handle one of their most demanding and frequent services. This severe type of water damage isn’t just about removing water; it involves addressing a deluge of sewage that infiltrates homes and businesses with hazardous biological materials. The cleanup process can require water extraction, debris removal, and disinfection of all affected surfaces. In the worst cases, technicians navigate through pools of waste, and in the best… well, the best is when people remember to check their sump pump!
  1. Extreme hoarding or animal infestations have led to some of the crew’s dirtiest jobs—if the cat story mentioned earlier wasn’t proof enough. The team had to navigate through several feet of accumulated feces and extensively damaged structures, requiring them to gut much of the property. The intense odor and extensive contamination made this a standout challenge in terms of complexity and sheer grit required!
  1. Both physically and mentally, the severe biohazard cleanup jobs stick out. Trauma scene cleanups, particularly involving deaths and severe accidents, present unique challenges. These jobs not only require meticulous cleaning to remove biohazards like bodily fluids but also demand strong mental resilience from the team.

Driven by diversity in their daily work, Rainbow Restoration’s team thrives on the unpredictability of their calls. From mundane carpet cleanings to urgent, all-hands-on-deck restorations, every day brings a new challenge, along with a story. While it’s hands-on dirty work, the “why” behind a job is just as intriguing as the grime itself—the team asks questions like, “What pipe broke to cause this,” or “What was the person doing before this happened?”

Booking the Business of Dirt

Like many service-based industries, where trust and reputation are at the forefront of their strategy, Rainbow Restoration relies on traditional marketing with a solid tag-team approach alongside their sister company, Ambassador Cleaning. This allows them to pool resources and share a customer base. Here are some of their tools!

Community Engagement

Ned, the driving force behind Rainbow Restoration and Ambassador Cleaning, knows his businesses aren’t just about showing up, but about being a recognizable and trusted face in the community. By being active in the community, Ned has turned the dreaded “Oh no, something’s wrong” call into a “Thank goodness I know who to call” moment. This approach has created a network of regular customers who rely on his services not just out of necessity, but out of trust. Word of mouth, powered by positive community impact, turns out to be the best advertisement!


Rainbow Restoration relies on a fantastic tool called Xactimate, a software system that speeds up job estimates and ensures pricing accuracy after disasters like floods or fires. This tool crunches numbers and pulls in the latest regional cost data, so when Rainbow Restoration hands out a repair quote, you know it’s fair and vetted. It’s one of their secrets to offering quick, reliable service! Keeping the process transparent and the restoration impeccable.

With the unique synergy between Ambassador Cleaning and Rainbow Restoration, they seamlessly integrate and leverage resources, ensuring that no job is too big or too dirty to handle. For the small but mighty Rainbow team, a dirty job is just another day.

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