Catholic Faith: Most Reverend John T. Folda, Diocese of Fargo

Written by: Fargo Inc

The Diocese of Fargo is committed to bringing spiritual healing and guidance to Fargo’s Catholic community, while also serving all in the community who are in need. With their Pastoral Center in Fargo, along with six parishes in Fargo and two in West Fargo, the Diocese of Fargo has been serving the area for 133 years.

The Diocese of Fargo was founded in 1889 in Jamestown with the goal of serving the needs of all Catholics in the state. In 1891, Bishop John Shanley moved the Diocese seat to Fargo, and continued to serve Catholics across the state. Today, the Diocese of Fargo serves the eastern portion of North Dakota— an estimated total population of 413,000 and Catholic population of 72,000.

Despite being the Face of the Catholic Faith in Fargo, the Diocese works closely with many Christian denominations in the area to provide for all in need. They are connected to the community through charitable giving, counseling, adoption and fostering services, prison ministry, education and more.

Diocese of Fargo
5201 Bishops Blvd S Suite A
Fargo, ND 58104


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