1 Million Cups Fargo Recap: February 2018

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

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If you can’t make it to 1 Million Cups Fargo each week, don’t fret. We’ll be bringing you a monthly recap of the most recent speakers and presentations. We’ll also include some of the best photos and social-media questions from each event, as well as pertinent speaker and company info if you’re interested in learning more.

January 31

Aaron McWilliams, Tom Kading and Wes Henry
Cofounders, Auto Saw (Construction Automation)

In 2017, Tom Kading, Wes Henry and Aaron McWilliams joined together to cofound a company called Construction Automation. The team is preparing for its first product launch called AutoSaw.

The excitement of discovering an $80 million market for a product like Auto Saw, which is an automated saw that can load, measure and cut a board while keeping its human operator at a distance, waned as the team found out that it would cost $150,000 to build a prototype. With investors wanting to see a working product, the team pooled together resources and built a prototype in McWilliams’ garage for $6,000.

Auto Saw | AutoSaw.us

February 7

Social Entrepreneur Day (co-hosted with Dakota Medical Foundation)

Adam Martin, Founding Partner, F5 Project
Kim Pladson, Executive Director, TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics

F5 Project
In 2016, the F5 Project was founded in Fargo, North Dakota, to provide assistance to individuals transitioning from prison to a new life. The F5 project offers housing, employment, socialization and transportation for those who have committed felonies. The name F5 represents the refresh function on a keyboard, as well as the number of felonies founder Adam Martin received.

F5 Project | F5Project.org

TNT Kids Fitness & Gymnastics
Since 2006, Kim Pladson and the TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics team have been on a mission to unlock individuals’ potential through movement. Over the last decade, the multiplication of this mission has led to serving over 2,000 people each week.

“I love that TNT is inclusive and serves all individuals with the experience and benefits of gymnastics,” Pladson says. “I truly believe that movement can unlock everyone’s potential.”

TNT Kids Fitness & Gymnastics | TNTKidsFitness.org

February 14

Cindy Gillund
Founder & CEO, Go/Do

In 2017, Cindy Gillund launched her app, Go/Do, to provide a one-stop location for events and everyday activities taking place in the FMWF area.

“I hope this app allows for memories to be made and shared,” Gillund say. “The Go/Do app was created to help make it easier (for people) to go and do things that are happening around them.”

Go/Do | Go-DoApp.com

February 21

Clever Mukori
Founder, Learn or Teach

Concordia College graduate and Zimbabwe native Clever Mukori is creating a web-based platform that he hopes will revolutionize the education industry. Learn or Teach is the culmination of Mukori’s life journey from Africa to the U.S. and his pursuit to help those less fortunate.

“I was privileged to have my family sacrifice for my education,” he says. “Now, I am on a mission to impact as many people as possible with the power of education.”

Learn or Teach | Facebook.com/LearnOrTeach17

About 1 Million Cups Fargo

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