What’s That Logo?: Test Your Knowledge Of Fargo-Moorhead Logos

Written by: Fargo Inc

Think You Know Local Logos?

What if you could only see a sliver of them? Test your knowledge of some of the most recognizable brands in Fargo-Moorhead.
What's That Logo?

Answer Key:
1. The Boiler Room, 2. FargoDome, 3. City of Fargo, 4. FM RedHawks, 5. FM Derby Girls, 6. American Crystal Sugar Company, 7. Killbourne Group, 8. Myriad Mobile, 9. Fargo Brewing Company, 10. The Toasted Frog

3 Things That Make A Great Logo

With Jordan Nelson

Jordan Nelson is a cofounder and designer at long-distance rideshare app Jumpr and a designer at Botlink.

1. Simplicity Less is more.

A great logo needs to communicate and represent the brand in the most simple and effective way possible. The simplest of logos can pose the most challenging and complex design problems, but simplicity can be achieved by adhering to basic design principles such as color, consistency, clarity, form and space. Following these guidelines will best prepare your logo to be timeless and allow it to be used in a wide variety of mediums.

2. Timelessness

A great logo is unique, and it needs to stand out in the crowd. With today’s connected, digital world, this can be challenging. Logos of many different flavors from all around the world are showcased, and it becomes very easy to draw similarities between them. In certain environments, a viewer of your brand may only have a few moments to decipher what you do and what makes you different or better than your competition. If your logo appears too similar to another brand, it could dilute or cause confusion for viewers.

3. Flexibility

A great logo needs to represent a brand in many different ways, shapes, and sizes and still maintain consistency in order to get your messaging across over time. Understanding how your logo is used and how and where it is viewed is key. A great logo should be legible on everything from a small, digital screen to large posters and billboards—as well as on a dark or light background. With video content becoming more and more popular, another thing to consider is how your logo will look animated and in motion.

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