Union State Bank Is Growing Its Family

Written by: Brady Drake

Photo by Hilary Ehlen

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Union State Bank, a trusted financial institution in the Fargo- Moorhead area since 1973, is not only merging with Border State Bank, but they’ve also added a key new member to their team, Jordan Cook.

“I know our new size will give us opportunities in the marketplace,” said Kory Shae, Union State Bank’s Sr. Vice President. ”But, it will also allow us to attract top talent like Jordan.”

Cook started to look into Union State Bank as an option after his longtime friend, Shae, informed him of the upcoming merger with what will soon be known as Border Bank. With Cook on board as the new Vice President of Business Banking and more resources on hand, Union State Bank has the opportunity to better serve its clients. Something that is of the utmost importance to Cook.

Jordan Cook, VP of Business Development.
Jordan Cook, VP of Business Development.

“My relationships with customers are the single most important aspect of my job. If I don’t have a great working relationship with each and every customer I don’t really have an opportunity to grow with them and expand my network. My reputation with customers is what keeps them coming back with any and all future banking needs. If you develop great relationships, it just becomes a compounding network that continues to expand to more people.” Jordan Cook

One unique advantage that will allow Shae and Cook to serve everyone well is their ability to be involved in decisions. Union State Bank centers the way they do business around their employees which allows Cook and Shae to have their voices heard in key decisions.

“I get to have a voice in credit decisions and still have a spot in business development; that’s a good spot to be in,” said Cook. “With Union and Border together, there’s not one single business that can’t be served by the tools offered by our institution.”

The structure isn’t just good for Cook. Customers at the bank can rest easy knowing their first point of contact, Cook, will have a voice in credit decisions.

That ability to have a voice across multiple points of the banking process is a microcosm of the team atmosphere fostered at Union State Bank – a team that will only be strengthened by the merger with Border Bank.

Cook and Shae have known each other for years and have strong chemistry and friendship. They golf together, they work together and they laugh together.

What’s more, they both share the same drive to help clients and that’s what sets their bank apart.

“Every day we ask ourselves, ‘how do we provide value for our clients?’” said Shae.“I think it’s a little bit different for everyone. There are different value propositions out there for every client. Jordan and I understand that.”

No matter what client they’re working with, Cook and Shae plan to keep an eye on the long term outlook and fit when working with their clients, big or small. The merger will allow them to serve virtually everyone in our market, doing loan deals from $10,000 to upwards of $20 million.

“I was able to do that by understanding my customer’s needs and priding myself on always being available to help out,” said Cook. “I’m bringing those same qualities to Union and eventually Border.”

Banking has typically been static. Forcing the customers to meet their needs based on a rigid set of services offered by their bank. That’s not how Cook or Shae want things to play out. They are offering customizable solutions to meet customer’s needs.

“Jordan’s relationship management and client management is second to none,” said Shae. “To say I was excited the timing was right for Jordan and I to have the opportunity to work together was an understatement. Jordan is one of the most skilled bankers I know, and we get to have fun every day.”

Kory Shae, Vice President.
Kory Shae, Vice President.

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