Top Ten Tips for a Brand Refresh with Flint Group

Written by: Brady Drake
Jodi Duncan, President, Flint Group

by Jodi Duncan, President, Flint Group

The beginning of a new year sparks thoughts of change and the promise of new possibilities. We often think about this in terms of ourselves. “This is the year I’m going to eat healthily, organize my garage, read more, exercise more ….” But what about your company? The beginning of the year is a great time to think about a brand refresh as well.

1. Powerful brands are visible

Well-defined brands are easy to spot. For consumers, employees and potential employees, a strong brand strategy makes decision-making easier. Whether you are purchasing a product or service, looking for a job or deciding to stay with the company you are at, a good brand strategy makes those considerations easier.

2. Brand building gives optionality

As your company grows, you may want to consider moving into new and growing categories. Refreshing your brand strategy allows you to consider the options that fit your company today and will continue to into the future.

3. Your company isn’t the same

Along with the world around us, business is continuously evolving. As marketing advances so must your brand. Branding used to be about communicating the same message to all audiences. Now, we need to consider the many channels and numerous audiences we are trying to reach.

4. Refresh doesn’t mean abandon

Start where you are today, evaluate what’s working, what’s changed and how you see your business evolving. Over time, your brand may have gone stale or been neglected. Take another look to find where it can be revived. A good brand refresh allows you to consider all the good brand equity you already have.

5. Create clarity and focus

Can your employees define what you offer? Not at the basic tactical level but truly describe what your company is at its core? Refreshing your brand is an excellent opportunity to establish your brand voice and get your team moving forward in the same direction.

6. Attract the best talent

In this incredibly tight workforce market, a solid brand strategy can help you attract—and retain—good employees. Younger generations are likely to evaluate the values of the company they are considering working for more seriously than in the past.

7. Powerful brands demand stronger pricing

People are willing to spend extra money on brands they know, trust and believe in. If you stay true to your defined brand promise, you can increase your value.

8. Create a competitive advantage

Consumers don’t always know the difference between similar products. Defining your brand enables organizations to create a competitive advantage based on how consumers understand who you are and what you offer.

9. Infuse new life into your brand

Refreshing your brand can energize your brand and your employees. It helps to get an outside perspective by using an agency or a consultant to moderate discussions and consolidate your team’s input.

10. Investing in a refresh saves time

If done correctly, a brand refresh can build and brighten your current brand. By revisiting where you are today and what you will be in the future is an investment that not only clarifies who you are but becomes a priceless tool for what to communicate.

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