5 Tech Tips On Microsoft Outlook With Giga-Green Technologies

Written by: William Galvin

Portrait by Hillary Ehlen

Here are five work-arounds for that pesky Outlook problem you might be having.

1. Outlook can handle more than one email account from any typical email provider.

You can add your Office 365 e-mail alongside your Gmail. This allows you to track all your email accounts in one location.

2. Outlook has a built-in sorting system.

Sick of getting spam emails and can’t find the unsubscribe button? You can quickly create an Outlook Rule to automatically place those messages into the deleted folder.

3. Need to quickly back up your email? Outlook can export all your emails to a file backup called a “.pst”
These can be password-protected and then imported back into Outlook to ensure you have a secure, instant restore. This also allows offline access to all your emails when internet is not available.

4. Ever have problems aligning meeting times on your calendar? You can send your calendar and request your recipient’s calendar as well.

This places their calendar under your “My Calendars” section with varying level of detailed information depending on the level selected with the sharing request. This will allow you to overlay your and their calendars to find the gaps.

5. Can’t find the BCC (blind carbon copy) option? You can manually add it to the Outlook toolbar under File -> Options -> Customize Ribbon.

This allows you to send an email to an individual without others knowing who else it was sent to. This is a great way to blast out email to your customers without sharing everyone’s email addresses amongst the recipients.

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William Galvin is the founder of Giga-Green Technologies, an independent technology consultancy in Fargo.