The Greenhouse Team is Supporting the Entrepreneurial Community

Written by: Brady Drake

There’s a new business in town looking to build the Fargo business scene.

In a world of businesses and people who are self-serving sits Fargo, North Dakota, a community that has shined through for its residents’ eagerness to help their neighbors both personally and professionally. And we’ve just added another business with those principles at the forefront of its mission.

The Greenhouse, an idea-generating and collaborative community space focused on professional and personal growth through meaningful and impactful coaching, workshops and trainings, was established in early 2022 with the goal of helping businesses, individuals and the larger community in just about any way possible.

Patrick Metzger, the organization’s founder, has been working with businesses over the past four years as an Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) implementer. EOS is all about:

  • Vision – Creating a consistent vision followed throughout your entire organization.
  • People – Getting the right people in the right seats doing what they’re absolutely best at.
  • Data – Developing a pulse on your business through simple tracking of key metrics and measurables.
  • Issues – Effectively identifying, discussing and solving key issues once and for all.
  • Processes – Documenting core processes that define exactly how your business is run.
  • Traction – Bringing discipline and accountability into the organization to execute your vision.

Offerings and Expertise include:

  • Certified EOS Implementation
  • Velocity Master Minds
  • Organizational Execution
  • Team Health & Functionality
  • Employee Connection
  • High Performance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Manager Training
  • Communication
  • Leadership

While the EOS process is a main component of helping businesses and getting them in The Greenhouse door, it is far from the only method.

Jodee Bock

The Greenhouse team also offers a number of other trainings, workshops and certifications including:

Velocity Masterminds – A business and personal growth accelerating peer group. Facilitator: Patrick Metzger.

5 Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop – Inspired by Patrick Lencioni’s The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, this one-day workshop will walk you through all five dysfunctions while helping to provide you with tools to address those dysfunctions in your organization. Facilitator: Patrick Metzger

Upleveling your Leadership Workshop – This workshop is focused on creating more effective leaders. Facilitator: Patrick Metzger

The Greenhouse Healthy Team Certification – This two six-hour days certification takes your team through six key areas, assessments and tools in order to create a healthier and higher functioning team. Facilitator: Patrick Metzger

The 6 Types of Working Genius Workshop – This 2-4 hour workshop is all about giving you a new perspective on how to use the talents within your team. Facilitator: Patrick Metzger

Putting your Personal P.O.W.E.R to Work for you – This 1-2 hour customizable workshop is designed to help you tap into Purpose, Open-mindedness, Wisdom, Energy and Responsibility. Facilitator: Jodee Bock

Real Impact: Learning to Communicate by Communicating – This 7-hour workshop is designed to help you establish a better relationship with yourself and others. Facilitator: Jodee Bock

R.E.A.L Me Intensive Course – This 2-hour per session, six-week course will help attendees get rid of the fake and tap into the real. Facilitator: Jodee Bock

The idea is for The Greenhouse to start with these base trainings, workshops and certifications as well as keynote talks and book studies to help businesses cultivate a community. From there, the goal is to continue using these tools while growing the community and picking up other tools along the way to introduce to clients, in part, from the community they have cultivated.

During our interview, Patrick layed it out beautifully as to why everything could unfold the way The Greenhouse envisions it.

According to him, it’s all about intentionality.

“It’s all about intentionality,” Patrick said. “When there are networking events, there are people that take the event as an opportunity to get a free lunch. Then, there are others that take them as an opportunity to learn something or meet someone. We want to create a community with people who are like-minded and looking to make a difference. You have capabilities, but you really have no idea what they truly are until you surround yourself with people that have similar goals and drive. When you do that, it’s exponential.”

Patrick practices that intentionality as well— even in the hiring process.

It’s all about intentionality. When there are networking events, there are people that take the event as an opportunity to get a free lunch. Then, there are others that take them as an opportunity to learn something or met someone. We want to create a community with people who are like-minded and looking to make a difference. You have capabilities, but you really have no idea what they truly are until you surround yourself with people that have similar goals and drive. When you do that It’s exponential.” -Patrick Metzger

Allison Weckman, Director of Operations

Allison Weckman’s path to The Greenhouse was a direct reflection of Patrick’s intentionality.

“Honestly what attracted me here was the job posting,” Allison said.

That job posting didn’t focus on skills or technical requirements. “We can teach those,” Patrick said. Instead, the job posting asked for a person of a specific personality type.

“I read the job posting and it was asking things like, ‘are you a person that throws away a piece of trash that is sitting on the sidewalk?,’ and I was like, ‘yes!,'” Allison said. “And I just kept going down the list and kept saying yes.”

Within the company, part of Allison’s current role involves helping with onboarding clients that are looking to go through the EOS implementation process.

Patrick Metzger, CEO/Founder

Patrick Metzger is the CEO/ Founder of The Greenhouse. He is a serial entrepreneur, one of 485 certified EOS implementers in the entire world, a business coach and speaker, and is deeply passionate about helping the business community in Fargo Moorhead.

Meet The Team

Preston Braathen, Director of Business Development

Preston Braathen joined The Greenhouse team full-time after working for Metzger parttime in 2021. “When I came on full-time, I really had the opportunity to look at the full scope of businesses that Metzger had,” Braathen said. “We realized with The Greenhouse that it was really about community feel. It’s going to allow all of the businesses to come together and develop more relationships and come up with more ideas together. That’s what I’m drawn to.”

Patrick attributes his success with Alliaon’s hire to the book Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance by Richard Diviney

Carissa Metzger, Champion Wife of Operations

Two years ago, Carisa Metzger left her job as a Project Manager at Marvin Windows to help Patrick who needed help because he was a solopreneur at the time. She has a hand in almost all things operational within the business.

How They’re Different

“When you look at typical training or consulting, the trainer or consultant usually brings you their training or consulting and that’s it,” Patrick said. “Our big goal of this is to bring all of those people closer together. We want to try to help those people grow so they can help other people grow for the greater good of all of it.”

It doesn’t matter how a person or business enters The Greenhouse ecosystem.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s through Velocity Master Minds or if it’s through trainings and offering or EOS implementation,” Patrick said. “The goal is to help businesses. Sometimes the solution for a business might not be us. It might be someone else in our community or someone else in the Fargo-Moorhead community. That’s okay. We are for the greater good.”

Whatever the business or individual is looking for, it starts, according to The Greenhouse team, with “really digging in and learning about a business’s hurdles and goals, and then addressing them.”

“This is kind of similar to what I tried to create a while back with a group called PM & Associates,” Patrick said. “But with that, we didn’t have a physical space. We didn’t have an umbrella that was really clear either. This is like rehashing an awesome idea that includes all of the major components that were missing from it during the first go around. I also learned that it was really important to find people that aligned with my mission. Preston left a better-paying job to completely roll the dice on something like this. Allison was in a very stable position and left to join us. It’s all about finding people looking to grow and make a difference.”

Where To Find Them

3953 4th St E
West Fargo, ND 58078

[email protected]

Facebook: @TheGreenhouseWFND
Linkedin: the-greenhouse-wf
Instagram: thegreenhousewfnd

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