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Banking Different with Border Bank

How They’re Different, Their Business and Mortgage Experts and The Second Fargo Location

Border Bank is making a name for itself in the Fargo-Moorhead community, not by following suit, but by being different and forming lasting close relationships.

How They’re Different

They place an importance on relationships.

“We don’t see our customers as clients; yes we use that word, but we really want to make ourselves part of their team.”

-Kory Shae, Business Development Director

They’re proactive.

“Rather than being reactive to the rising rates, we’ve been proactive on reaching out to customers to talk about the changing rates. Things are completely different than they were 12 months ago. And we’ve still been fairly aggressive though.”

-Jordan Cook, President

They’re community-focused.

Were definitely a community-focused bank. I feel like our customer relationships are very strong and that definitely sets us apart. We want our customers to get top-notch service and it’s because we are so close with them and really value them and their businesses.

Amy Frosaker, Business Officer

They provide technology for faster decisions.

“I think one thing the bank has done a good job with is moving towards technology that allows us to make decisions locally, faster, rather than wait certain time periods or meetings—things like that. I think some of banking systems are antiquated—they stick with the ways things were always done. We’re just able to do business more efficiently and faster for our clients.”

-Kory Shae, Business Development Director

They’re nimble.

We pride ourselves on being very nimble and being able to move quickly on a lot of these things. We can make decisions in a matter of hours rather than weeks. Quicker turnaround times really make a difference, especially when there’s a lot that’s going on. There are a lot of different business purchases and acquisitions that happen overnight and we see it in our day to day jobs. We get calls all the time on different things that people are looking at, and I think it’s important to be available 24/7.”

-Jordan Cook, President

They’re experienced.

Our team sets us apart. It’s like our team was assembled relatively methodically. Shannon has a lot of experience in what she does for us. Amy has a much different skillset than Jordan and myself. Hopefully, together, we can provide a level of consultation and ability to get things done that is top of the market. We’ve assembled people and processes around exactly what we want to do.”

-Kory Shae, Business Development Director

“We truly have a team approach. There’s not just one person that’s making this happen here. I rely on Shannon a lot. She allows me to be able to make and return calls rather than dealing with title work and appraisals. And our credit analysts team gets a lot done in a quick amount of time. That frees us up to do what we do. I’ve worked for a few different banks over the course of my career and that’s not always the case. We’re very fortunate.”

-Jordan Cook, President

Meet The Mortgage Experts

Kelly Engstrom, Vice President Real Estate Officer

What do you do at Border Bank?

I am a real estate lender and focus primarily on long-term fixed-rate mortgages. I help people purchase or refinance properties, including primary second homes and investment properties.

What excites you about your work at Border Bank?

Border Bank has the best customer service and really cares about its clients. That’s what fuels my day-I know I am out there helping people.

What is your background?

I started working in banking right when I got out of college and have worked in a lot of different areas; however, mortgage is where I found my calling. It is really interesting to me because every borrower is different; every property is different, and the loan programs are constantly changing which keeps me on my toes and I love it!

What does Border Bank do differently as an employer that better equips you to serve the community?

I think the biggest thing is our local servicing and local underwriting. It is a wonderful thing to have someone local making the decisions on your loan application and to make your payments right here in town as well.

It seems like! commonly hear about the relationships that Border Banks builds with its clients.

It brings a huge value to our clients because the better we know our clients the better we can serve them. If they are applying for loans, we help guide them to what the best options are for them. They are not just a number here, but someone we value.

Nicole Hjelden, Mortage Loan Associate

What do you do at Border Bank?

I am laser-focused on helping our customers with construction loans, home equity loans, land loans—anything that involves real estate.

What excites you about your work at Border Bank?

I enjoy working with customers, hearing their stories and guiding them through the process of finding their forever home. I think it is rewarding and quite fun. Every deal is unique to a certain degree and you never know what to expect. It truly is a fun journey to go through with my customers. 

What is your background?

Banking has been my life for 30 years. I began my career as a teller and was promoted to various positions throughout the years. Experiencing all aspects of banking has provided me valuable insight into how best to partner with our customers to bring their real estate dreams to fruition. 

What does Border Bank do differently as an employer that better equips you to serve the community?

Border Bank continually encourages and empowers its team members to get involved in the community. I am on the FMCT Board of Directors; I enjoy the theatre and the amazing talent in our community which is why I got involved and volunteer.

What sets Border Bank apart?

Our customers often tell us they like the smaller setting of our banks. The majority of our decisions are made right here at the bank, locally, which makes the customers’ experience more enjoyable and efficient.  

 I have been here for quite a while, so I have had the privilege of building many relationships over the years. Many of my customers have been with me a very long time, which has provided me the honor of knowing them—and their families—quite well. 

A Preview of the New 32nd Avenue Location

Border Bank

Two Locations, Same Great Service:

4530 17th Ave S
Fargo, ND 58103


3203 32nd Ave S,
Fargo,ND 58103


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Written by Brady Drake

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