Sales Advice From The Dale Carnegie Team

Written by: Brady Drake
Bethany Berkeley, CEO, Dale Carnegie Training of ND and Northwest MN

Sales get a bad rap, and Dale Carnegie Training has an answer for that. Confidence, along with heart and a plan is what makes up the art of sales. The art of the sales strategy wouldn’t be complete without putting in time and the heart to create.

We believe that effective selling requires productive relationships built on reciprocal trust that comes from established credibility and a mutual understanding of value. A skilled professional must understand the psychology behind the process to: connect, collaborate, create, confirm and commit. What does sales truly come down to?

Confidence, empathy, and HEART.

H – Hear them out

E – Establish credibility and value

A – Answer objections clearly

R – Relationship oriented

T – Trusted partnership

When we put the process into action our goal is to help move individuals from “order-takers” towards “trust partners.”

While it is true that selling has changed dramatically over the past few decades (due to customer knowledge, globalization, technology, the internet, etc.), what has not changed over thousands and thousands of years is how people buy and where they decide to spend their dollars. When you listen to your customer you can find out their goals and align your objectives with theirs.

The skills to be a good salesperson are much the same as those in the nonprofit development world. Recently, Bethany had the opportunity to be a part of both the CCRI and the RACC fundraising events both raising over $100,000. When the mission was shared with heart, and the ask for support was made with confidence and credibility, it’s an easy “sell” for support.

In an environment where the seller cannot always win on price, it is important to be focused on the real customer wants and needs that will ensure mutual success.

Dale Carnegie

“Thousands of salespeople are pounding the pavements today, tired, discouraged and underpaid. Why? Because they are always thinking only of what they want. They do not realize that neither you nor I want to buy anything. If we did, we would go out and buy it. But both of us are eternally interested in solving our problems. And if salespeople can show us how their services or merchandise will help us solve our problems, they will not need to sell us. We will buy. And customers like to feel that they are buying–not being sold.” Dale Carnegie

Q&A with Bethany Berkeley

How can salespeople utilize Dale Carnegie?

  1. Create and demonstrate sales strategies that facilitate the
    buying process through relationship-oriented techniques
  1. They can use methods taught within Dale Carnegie courses
    to establish a connection with customers to gain access and
    establish trust.
  1. Dale Carnegie can help salespeople gain skills to construct
    solutions in collaboration with customers while offering insights
    and establishing value.
  1. Salespeople can learn the Dale Carnegie Sales Model to
    eliminate objections and minimize the need for negotiation.
  1. Dale Carnegie courses offer proven techniques to maintain
    customer relationships and encourage repeat business.
  1. Dale Carnegie courses can help them overcome challenges in
    their own sales activities.

What Dale Carnegie programs do you recommend for salespeople?

The Dale Carnegie Course

Change your approach to tap into trust and build inclusion. Form closer, more rewarding relationships built on trust and respect. Gain ways to project an upbeat and contagious attitude, discover ways to manage stress and minimize worry, encourage positive thinking, and commit to continuous improvement.


Sales improve when salespeople overcome the fears that hold them back and build selfconfidence. Trust develops when salespeople try to honestly see things from the buyer’s point of view, which builds relationships and trust. Having the right attitudes and behaviors for connection, cooperation and collaboration are critical for effective sales.

High Impact Presentations

Learn to communicate with clarity and certainty, interact with a natural and composed demeanor, and convey complex material directly and simply. Discover ways to project confidence and enthusiasm while building credibility. Explore techniques to overcome adverse situations and invigorate people to embrace change and take action. ‘


Sales storytelling is among the most coveted and rare sales skill. Flexing the muscle of navigating the unexpected and thinking in impromptu high-pressure situations requires confidence through practice

Winning with Relationship Selling

This series provides structure to help sales professionals at every level, from novices looking to start strong, to seasoned professionals who need to navigate changing sales and relationship dynamics. You’ll learn to demonstrate your value proposition powerfully, shorten the buying cycle, and gain repeat business through trusting relationships.

What are some industries you are already working for sales?

Manufacturing, Agriculture (Seed, equipment, chemical), Construction, Wind, Energy, BioEngineering, Distribution, Professional Services, Civil Engineering, Nonprofit development and Technology.

How are the programs customizable?

All programs referenced are available to be delivered in-house for a client and customized for their industry, strategic objectives, vision, and needs.

What are some impacts you have seen each of the courses make on different organizations?

  1. Increased sales
  1. Higher margins per sale
  1. Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  1. Proven success backed up with testimonials
  1. Greater customer loyalty, which equates to more repeat sales
  1. Lower costs of sales, as it is far less expensive to keep a current customer than acquire a new one
  1. Discovery of more opportunities for sales
  1. Better customer satisfaction by being better able to meet their wants and needs
  1. More effective prospecting

Do you have any technology recommendations?

Don’t overuse technology by implementing additional communication and CRM platforms. Simplify with the most efficient and strategic fit.

Do you have any nonDale Carnegie content recommendations?

For books, I recommend:

The Challenger Sale
by Brent Adamson and
Matthew Dixon

Blue Ocean Strategy
by W. Chan Kim

Sales Dogs
by Blair Singer

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