ReadiTech, A Client Focused IT Option

Written by: Brady Drake

The big deadline is just around the corner. You’re in the zone, full cup of coffee in hand, closing in on the finish line, and the technology in your office craps out on you again.

This isn’t something you should be worried about.

But, unfortunately, it’s all too common. That’s why ReadiTech is offering Managed IT services to help businesses operate at peak performance. With ReadiTech, you get an entire team of IT experts instead of having to go out and hire one or, perhaps, multiple IT professionals to meet your needs. This “team” works with you to help propel your business forward by creating efficiencies and technological improvements specifically for your business.

“You don’t pay us overtime, you don’t pay us sick days, you don’t pay for our insurance, basically, there are a lot of costs that are eliminated by using us as an IT provider,” said Regional Manager Justin Farkas. “You’re paying us to limit your issues. Our goal is to help your company work smoothly so you can be productive and efficient.”

The companies that work with ReadiTech can be found all along the spectrum of technological knowledge. Some customers have backgrounds in the IT field or related careers while others know close to nothing about the technology they are using, and that is okay.

Wherever the customer lies on that spectrum, ReadiTech thrives in addressing their pain points. A customer might have a problem with a muffled telephone connection or a printer that is printing slower than they would like it to, but they don’t know why these things are happening. With ReadiTech, that doesn’t matter.

“We can work with you to address those pain points and we can run diagnostics to see what some of your issues are,” said Farkas. “From there, we can work with you to get things running like a larger successful company.”

ReadiTech’s IT Solutions

  • Business Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Managed Firewalls
  • Managed DataBackup
  • Server Management
  • Virtual Private Networks Connections (VPN)
  • Network Configurations
  • Network Security
  • Network Performance
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Switching Networks
  • Installation and Maintenance
  • Computer/Device Repair & Management
  • Hardware Purchasing
  • Software Licensing
  • Anti-Virus/Malware Software
  • Password Storage & Protection
  • Technical Assistance Support
  • Security Systems
  • Phone Systems

What does working with ReadiTech look like?

In addition to constant monitoring of your systems (computers, laptops and servers), you will have access to the following.

The Help Desk

The help desk is a staff of dedicated people that you will get to know over time available to help with all of your day-to-day issues with your computers, your networks, your printers, your software or anything in between. If the issue goes above and beyond what the help desk is capable of providing in assistance, the ticket is sent to the escalation team.


Every client that works with ReadiTech gets their own Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) dedicated to making their business better. Each VCIO meets with leadership, usually quarterly, to determine how technology can be implemented to make the company better.

“We’re there to be part of your team,” said Farkas. “We want to utilize everything at our disposal to make your company better.”

The Analysts

ReadiTech also deploys a team of analysts to further dive into the information gathering process. These are the individuals that will be at your company on a regular basis, determining what needs to updated, what needs to be replaced, what’s not working and what the issues are.

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Brady is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media in Fargo, ND.