Planning Ahead Can Lessen Family Burden And Help Tell Your Story

Written by: Brady Drake

Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home has a century-long history of serving the needs of the Fargo-Moorhead community. They continue their long tradition of service by offering preplanning services as a way for individuals to make decisions about their own funeral arrangements ahead of time.

Dean and Nikki Jo Hulse recently preplanned with funeral director, John Runsvold, and found the experience to be both beneficial and comforting.

“He made us really comfortable. He wasn’t awkward or morbid or depressing. It was just a really good experience. When we left, we felt that internal sigh of relief and we knew this was the right thing to do. And John’s willingness to honor our wishes about where our ashes are to be scattered is really peace of mind.” – Nikki Jo

The decisions that need to be made when a loved one passes away can be difficult and overwhelming and are often complicated when the person’s wishes weren’t known. Whether they are general ideas or very specific desires, most of us would have something to say in regard to what we would like to happen when we are here.

“The pre-planning concept gives you more control over that component of your life which is something I think that I lot of people would like because you not only have your say in how you leave this world but you’re taking some of that burden away from other people. At Johns’s age, he doesn’t need to still be working but is. My take on that is it’s because he enjoys what he does. He’s providing a service people need and that says a lot to me.” – Dean

Each of us lives a life, and our life is our story. Through Hanson-Runsvold’s preplanning, you are able to make sure your story is not only remembered but
is told in a way that accurately reflects who you are and the life that you’ve lived. Writing one’s own obituary can actually be a therapeutic experience, as you have the opportunity to think through the many life experiences you’ve had and reflect on what’s been the most important. Every life deserves a time of honor.

“Dean is a writer, so he wrote our obituaries. It sounds really depressing but it wasn’t. The idea of having this done and having one less thing to be thinking about was important to us.” – Nikki Jo

To make plans for something in advance seems logical, but it isn’t always as comfortable as we wish it would be. Planning funeral arrangements in advance can naturally bring some difficult feelings as we contemplate our mortality, so having a funeral home that gives you a feeling of comfort is very important.

“I was a runner for many years and ran through Island Park 1,000 times at least. I would also see Hanson-Runsvold on my runs. I really like their location. It’s in a beautiful part of town and we’ve had a lot of friends that have passed and had their services at Hanson-Runsvold so we’re very familiar with the facility.” – Dean

Throughout the last one hundred years, the caring and compassionate staff at Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home have been helping to walk families through the most difficult experiences they’ve faced. They also understand that there is no time better than the present to plan ahead, which is why their free preplanning services are available both online and in-person. To find out how you can start the preplanning process, call (701)-232-3222.

Nikki Jo and Dean Hulse
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Brady is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media in Fargo, ND.