More 2023 New Years Business Resolutions: Sharon Traylor, Owner/Barber/Barber Instructor, Roots Hair and Soul LLC

Written by: Brady Drake

About Sharon Traylor

I am a mother of four and a grandmother of one. I’m 45 years old and from Chicago, IL and have been here for 10 years. I am co-owner of a barbershop and salon, Roots Hair and Soul in south Fargo. I am an artist of many facets from painting to music and, especially, hair. I have a passion for fitness, health, mentoring others and community involvement as well.

Looking back on the year that was in 2022 and the year to come in 2023, what is your new years business resolution?

My New Year’s business resolution would be to become better than we were last year, whether that means reaching higher heights, learning lessons, endeavoring in adventures or new experiences.

How do you plan to accomplish this resolution?

The way we plan to accomplish this resolution is by staying humble and reflecting, keeping a listening ear and being able to receive and absorb the good that comes our way and by not being afraid to try new things and challenge ourselves.

What do you anticipate the challenges to be?

The challenges will be ones we expect and some we may not, but what matters is how you handle and maneuver them. I see all challenges as opportunities to grow. Don’t back down.

Are there any tools or things you plan to use to keep yourself on track/accountable?

The tools and things I plan to use to keep myself on track/accountable would be, first, acknowledgment of the situation. Tools such as organization skills, regular conversations of current things happening, revisiting situations and having plans of action should aid us well.

What has kept you from making this change in the past?

Something that may have kept this change from happening in the past would be a lack of knowledge and inexperience. Sometimes you have to go through things to really know the changes needed to be made.

What is the biggest lesson you learned in 2022?

The biggest lesson I learned in 2022 was to have more faith in my abilities, to be firm in what I want and to take no shortcuts. Hard work does pay off.

Do you have any personal new year’s resolutions?

I really don’t have any personal New Year’s resolutions. I set goals all year and accomplish them as they come. The pressure is not needed for a new year as long as I’m continuously growing and have the hunger for success mentally, financially, physically and spiritually. I’m happy with that.

Are there any books you are looking to read this year?

Honestly, no. I possibly want to start my own book but that’s another story.

Looking even further out, what is something on your professional bucket list?

On my precessional bucket list would be to become a board member of the North Dakota barber board/ association. I also want to own and run my own barber college, Lord willing.

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