Meet the Maker: E. Moore Art

Written by: Brady Drake

Look to brighten up your summer with local art by E. Moore Art! You’ll find her at a variety of in-person shows to meet IRL and crushing it on social media to keep things bright, colorful, and purely fun. Learn more about this crazy creative artist this month!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Elizabeth Moore and I was born and raised in Moorhead, MN. If my art doesn’t scream it enough, I’m really into anime and video games! When I’m not a couch potato I care for my 100+ plants, yes, 100+. My goal is to live in a rainforest but in the comfort of AC. The other activities I enjoy include weightlifting in Body Pump Class and if I have pent-up emotions from someone that didn’t use their turn signal, I box it out. My jobs before becoming a super cool business owner were sales at GameStop, barista at Caribou, and makeup artist at Sephora and if I had the time I would work at a plant nursery. All are very different fields but each has shaped me today.

What type of products do you make?

My style drips in anime-inspired work. I create vibrant illustrations on my iPad using the program Procreate. I translate those digital files to print as posters, stickers, buttons and apparel designs. I make the stickers in-house using an inkjet printer and use a Cricut to cut all of them. Anything I can get my art printed on I will attempt to make! The type of art you’ll find from me is bright, colorful and will put a smile on your face—guaranteed!

Tell us how you got started with art?

Art has always been a part of my life since I could form memories at the age of 4. I knew that whatever I did with my hands was the coolest thing ever. Art runs my family. My dad paints wildlife realism and my nana Francis worked with oil paints. I was a BIG unicorn fan and would attempt to draw these beautiful creatures. But with my limited art expertise, they looked, well, like a 4-year-old drew it. So I asked my dad if he could teach me the proper way to draw a horse so I could change them into unicorns, pegasus, etc. I continuously practiced until I made an epic piece that my mom has laminated and still brags about to this day.

What is your personal favorite item you have created?

A watercolor piece I made for the game Halo 5 when it was coming out in 2015. I was just getting into the groove of making my art using watercolor and photoshop. This piece particularly stands out to me because I’m a huge Halo fan, it was my first attempt at drawing Mecha, and Microsoft themselves reached out to me on Twitter to use it as promo for the new game.

You are constantly creating new things—what keeps you inspired? Visually, watching anime shows really sparks that creativity for me. The characters’ movements, the way colors are used, and of course, the wild things that can happen in these shows. Mentally, I listen to podcasts. My go-to one is Creative Pep Talk! Andy J. Pizza has a really good insight into the creative mind. We also see life as a video game so I’m able to really relate to what he says. For research, I use Pinterest and gain inspiration from other creators on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

You also crush it in the social media world and we love seeing you on Tik Tok! What advice would you have for a small business wanting to get on that platform?

JUST START! I completely understand the self-doubt one feels when they are just beginning on a new platform. But, it’s better to start and learn as you go rather than not starting at all and missing out. Also, taking inspiration from other creators who may be outside your niche is a great tip to learn. I personally learn a lot from Katie Steckly, Vanessa Lau, and Modern Millie. All super great and talented ladies that have helped me take my content to the next level!

What is something you’ve enjoyed the most about doing this handcrafted business? Meeting you! Being a traveling vendor has its perks in getting to connect with others who like what I like or are curious. This makes making art fun for me. Also being able to go through the whole process of creating something from my head to my hands to a physical item is magical! I LOVE what I do and am grateful for it and am celebrating six years of being in business this July!

What is the most challenging thing? Creating things in a timely manner. I feel like I don’t have enough time to do everything when it comes to drawing, running my social media, shooting/editing videos, the list goes on.

What advice would you have given yourself 10 years ago?

First I’d congratulate freshman me for sticking to what I love no matter what people and school officials told me about being an artist. If anything I’d probably hone my people speaking skills and presentation of my work a lot sooner!

Where can people find your work? Let’s hang out on the internet! You can find me everywhere @e.mooreart

My show list
Night Bazaar: July 28, Aug 25, Sept 22
Fargo Street Fair: July 14 – 19
Grand Forks Street Fair: Aug 19 & 20
MetaCon in Minneapolis: Sept 2 – 4
Anime Fargo: Sept 23 – 25
Siouxpercon in Sioux Falls: Sept 30 – Oct 1

Shop online:

Shop in person:
E.Moore Art Studio
2551 45th St, S Fargo, ND. 58104
Monday — Friday : 12pm – 6pm
Saturday: By appointment

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