How An Upcoming Local Conference Hopes To Show Solopreneurs Their Limitless Potential

Written by: Brady Drake

Photo by Hillary Ehlen

Only recently has the term “side hustle” come into our culture’s collective vocabulary. However, solopreneurs have been chasing their dreams and earning money on the side of their full-time careers for a long time. Unfortunately, the side-hustlers of the past had to go at it on their own, learning to navigate through business life with little guidance. Although she doesn’t love the term “side-hustle”, Michaela Schell is looking to give side-hustlers guidance with her new business conference called Limitless.

Scheduled for April 18 at The Pines Wedding and Events Venue in Davenport, ND, Limitless will feature a rolling list of speakers that will cover everything from personal and professional branding, intuition, accounting, networking effectively, sales and mindset each in a 30-minute session. There will also be an “insta-hour” where attendees who don’t have the funding necessary to create picture-perfect images can utilize “nooks” that offer a visually appealing space to get photos that can enhance their companies brand.

The idea for the conference started as a result of Schell receiving a large number of requests from other solopreneurs in the area who admired the success that she had with direct sales. While working for herself as a salesperson for Rodan + Fields.

All of the speakers are local and accessible according to Schell. “If an attendee resonates with something they are saying and get a ton of good nuggets but need more help, they have a person that they can go to and talk to outside of the conference,” said Schell.

Limitless networking

Although Schell works independently now, she is no stranger to corporate life. After graduating with her bachelors she worked as a promotions director for a radio station before getting her master’s degree. After getting her masters, Schell began working in economic development.

As her family grew with children, she says she began valuing flexibility more which led her to do free-lance marketing work, but that didn’t give her the time she wanted either.

“I was doing that for the corporate world and they work nine to five,” said Schell.

Eventually, she found a calling with direct sales by selling skincare products for Rodan + Fields, which allowed her to search for clients in a time frame that worked for her. She has been selling the skincare products for over seven years now and says she works 15 to 20 hours a week and her and her team do over one million in sales each year.

“That’s why people started coming to me for help with network marketing,” said Schell. “I’m so happy to help and give advice whenever I can, but it got me thinking on how I can expand this further. I can do that with this conference.”

Schell has found that often time the solopreneurs or side-hustlers are really good at the passions driving them, but they don’t necessarily have the full gambit of skills to run a fully completed business.

“If you’re a tech person working on an app, you might not know anything about branding or accounting,” said Schell. “This conference is meant to help you develop your skills and ideas in other areas.”

 “When you are the entrepreneur, you have no limits,” said Schell. That’s what she wants attendees to see at the conference.

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