Business life hacks from Fargo INC!

Written by: Andrew Jason

By Andrew Jason

We at Fargo INC! believe in efficiency and savings when it comes to the bottom line. We think we’ve found some great business life hacks to make your business (and life) run smoother and more cost-effectively.

Free Design in Fargo INC

While we believe in beautiful designs, we know that making presentations look professional and attractive can be expensive. That’s where Canva comes in. This free website has dozens of drag- and-drop templated designs. You are only charged for any stock photos you use in your design.

Bonus Tip:
If you’re more tech-savvy with PhotoShop or InDesign, has thousands of fonts, logos and designs to download for a minimal price. You can then open them in Photoshop in InDesign and tweak them to your heart’s content.

Organize Those Emails

Sortd app in Fargo INC

Our email inbox is one of the most stressful parts of our workday. It seems like it’s never empty, and the really important emails get buried in the stream of worthless emails. That’s where sortd comes in. This plugin for Gmail lets you effortlessly drag your emails into an organized to-do list. You can then check off when that email is completely take care of.

Bonus Tip
Looking for another easy to use to-do list? Check out You can create a free personal account and it will hopefully organize your busy life.

Organize Your Projects

Basecamp in Fargo INC

With a staff of more than 20 at Spotlight Media—the parent company of Fargo INC!—it can be hard to keep everything organized and running smoothly. We use Basecamp to keep our editorial process going strong. Basecamp is broken into different projects. Under each project, you can upload files, track schedules on the calendar, record things in text documents and more. More than 100,000 companies have signed up for Basecamp so we’re obviously not the only ones who think it works.

Bonus Tip is another very popular messaging app for teams that has more than three million daily active users.

Create A Free Survey

Typeform in Fargo INC

Whether you’re sending out a mass survey to be filled out by thousands of people or you’re just surveying a few of your valued customers, allows you make easy to use surveys. The free version is very robust and allows you to create multiple-choice, yes/no, long text and more types of questions. It will then organize it in an easy-to-analyze way. Plus, it all looks beautiful. (We also recommend playing their Form Invaders game, which is a spinoff of Space Invaders that anyone who has spent time in corporate America is sure to enjoy.)

Find Great Employees in Fargo INC

Alright, we might be a little biased toward this local Fargo jobs site from local digital marketing company Adshark Marketing because we partner with them, but we love that this is a job-search site built by Fargoans for Fargoans. You can post a job opening on the website (and in the back of Fargo INC! and Fargo Monthly), and internship postings are free.

Organize Your Human Resources

Bamboo HR in Fargo INC

With a growing business, it’s easy for the administrative side of things to get left behind. alleviates that problem by creating a centralized employee database for your company that will track things like PTO, length of employment, employee status and much more. It also allows you to make easy to use job openings for your website. Trust us. It’ll make life easier for you.

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