7 Financial Softwares You Should Know About

Written by: Andrew Jason

At Fargo INC! we’re definitely right-brained people. We focus on designing creative products and content so looking at P&Ls and balance sheets don’t come easy for us. We’re all about simplifying the amount of time we spend with financials so here are some of the financial and HR apps that we work with on a regular basis. 

computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services.


Approval processes for accounts payable has always been a problem for us. We want our owner to approve everything but it’s been tough to figure out the system for that. Bill.com takes care of that. The system will automatically auto-enter data from invoices to create a bill that’s ready to be paid. We can also assign bills for our owner to approve and once it’s approved, the vendor will automatically be paid through the system. We can either have bill.com pay that vendor through ACH, international wires in USD or local currencies, virtual card or check.

Ad Sales Genius

We’ll admit that this one is really niche but our CRM (customer relationship manager) is the lifeblood of our organization. Ad Sales Genius is a magazine industry-specific software. While there are some big dogs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics that work great, we encourage you to seek out CRMs tailored made for your industry. (A couple of examples include Wise Agent (real estate), DealerSocket (automotive) or JobNimbus (construction.))

Hire On The Go

While not directly connected to finances, hiring can take a large toll on your finances if it’s not done right. In fact, it’s often reported that bringing on a new employee can cost upwards of $5,000. Hireonthego makes that process simple. Simply create a new job posting and it’ll be embedded on your website and posted on numerous job boards. Once you start receiving applicants, you can rank them, track their process and even do a background check right through the system. 


If you’ve ever created a business plan, you know how tedious of a process it can be. From formatting it to filling in the financial projections, it’s a lot of busy work. Liveplan simplifies that process by giving you an easy to use format where you simply answer some questions, plug in some numbers and Liveplan will format it and create an easy to read business plan for you. 


In a service business, accurate time tracking is an absolute must. We use Harvest to make sure we know how much time and money we’re spending on every client. Not only does the system track time, but we can also use it to budget for projects, schedule employees and create invoices for clients. 

Employer On The Go

Human resources might be the most tedious department for any business owner. Employer On The Go makes that easier by automatically tracking important employee information like wages, tax information, contact information and will even create organizational flowcharts. 


Receipt management is a pain in the a$$. We have drawers full of folders of receipts from before we switched over to Hubdoc. Now, this intuitive software saves us time because all we have to do is snap a picture or forward an email and Hubdoc will automatically track and classify that receipt. 

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