Part 10: Faces Of Fargo Business 2017

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

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In 2017, we photographed nearly 200 members of the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo business community. Among them were entrepreneurs, artists, pilots, CEOs, software developers, comedians, executive directors, veterans, graduate students and community builders. Join us as we celebrate each and every one of them in Fargo INC!‘s first-ever coffee table book, “Faces of Fargo Business.”

In the final part of Faces of Fargo Business 2017, we feature Discovery Benefits VP of Marketing Stephanie Schroeder, Wells Fargo Business Relationship Manager Sara Hanstad, Ritaway Capital Management Founder & Managing Partner Andrew Abernathey, Allegro Group Director of Operations Brian Jorvig, Ronald McDonald House of the Red River Valley Executive Director Jill Christopher, and Alerus Chairman & CEO Randy Newman.

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VP of Marketing, Discovery Benefits


“I wouldn’t be where I am today without college forensics (speech and debate). Sadly, these programs are the first to get cut when universities have to make funding decisions. But the art of public speaking — learning to form a persuasive argument, getting to know your audience and feeling confident while giving a presentation — is one of the most valuable skills I’ve ever learned. ”


Business Relationship Manager, Wells Fargo

I want to thank …

“Darren Dunlop of the FMWF Chamber of Commerce and John Machacek of the Greater Fargo Moorhead EDC. These two have done an incredible amount to help me succeed in the Fargo business community. I think they’re both just wired to help others succeed and this only adds to my immense respect for them. Through very few degrees of separation, I can trace these two to so many of my current clients, friends, committees and boards. I’ve found it hard up to this point to figure out how to say how grateful I am, so I think this might be the perfect way.”


Founder & Managing Partner, Ritaway Capital Management


“I live by a saying of Warren Buffet’s, ‘It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only a second to ruin it.'”


Director of Operations, Allegro Group


“During 2017, we facilitated the relocation of numerous people and their families from across the country to Fargo and other communities in North Dakota and Minnesota. Those people are successfully leading and performing high-level services for local companies, and I’m proud that we are integral in making sure jobs and companies remain here because they have access to the best talent.”


Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House of the Red River Valley


Q: What are you most looking forward to in 2018?
A: I’m most looking forward to the opening of our new Ronald McDonald House in May. This project has been a dream of our staff and board for many years. To see it come true is an amazing feeling. It’s the culmination of so many hours of work by so many. I can’t wait to see the first guest family walk through the front doors!


Chairman & CEO, Alerus


Q: What would you give a TED Talk on?
A: Many people think of annual check-ups as something you do with your doctor to make sure you’re healthy and on track, but most don’t realize the same is true for your financial adviser or banker. I’d love to do a TED Talk on the importance of annual check-ups with your financial adviser, regardless of whether you’re a young entrepreneur just getting started, a small business owner looking to expand, or even a successful business owner who’s looking to transition and retire.

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