Face Of Ice Cream: Troy and Diane DeLeon, The Historic Moorhead Dairy Queen

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

Since Bob and Phyllis Litherland founded the softserve restaurant in 1949, Moorhead’s Historic Dairy Queen has been the original hometown fan favorite. As a staple of Moorhead, Minnesota’s downtown area and one of the oldest stores in the Dairy Queen system, owners Troy and Diane DeLeon are proud to carry on the Litherlands’ tradition of creating tasty food at a fair price and serving it in a family-friendly atmosphere. “It’s like a step back in time,” says Co-owner Diane, who has been serving up smiles to Dairy Queen customers with her husband Troy since 1995.”I feel like people can slow down a little bit; it’s a social experience in addition to getting something amazing to eat.”

At the Historic Moorhead Dairy Queen, they’re not afraid to experiment with new treats or hold on to beloved favorites. Customers simply adore their handmade, homemade food. Owners Troy and Diane are humbled and amazed by the customer loyalty the people of Fargo-Moorhead have; no matter the weather conditions, customers will always be waiting at the window on opening day every March. “I remember a time a few years ago when a gentleman was sitting out on the patio eating a blizzard during a blizzard,” says Troy. “It was -20º F with the wind chill….only in Minnesota!”

The Historic Moorhead

Dairy Queen

24 S 8th St

Moorhead, MN 56560



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