Dirty Jobs: Advanced Striping and Sealcoating

Written by: Geneva Nodland

Meet Advanced Striping and Sealcoating, where the daily grind is literal—grinding pavement that is. Located in Fargo, this company has been rolling out pavement services since 2009, transforming the mundane task of parking lot pampering into a dirty, gritty art form.

Founded by a local, Tyler Anderson, who turned his passion for pristine pavements into a full-service asphalt maintenance empire, Advanced.

Striping and Sealcoating is the force behind the well-maintained parking lots and driveways that make a first great impression without you even realizing it. They’re covering every crack, crevice, and line with a master’s touch.

Proudly calling themselves the “one-stop shop” for pavement needs, Advanced Striping and Sealcoating is also proud to call their work what it is—dirty.

Top 3 Dirtiest Tasks

  1. Before completing regular parking lot maintenance, the team cleans out the deep cracks and low areas in parking lots and driveways. This requires blowing out the cracks in asphalt and cleaning dirty areas that fill up with dirt/garbage/ debris to leave the customer with a clean and quality product… sounds dusty.
  1. Drains are another situation that needs some pre-work. So, the team will find themselves climbing into sewer drain catch basins to repair the catch basins before patching the asphalt around drains. Do you think they’ve ever seen Pennywise?
  1. Office Administrator Amanda Hoffman said it best: “Sealcoating asphalt can sometimes leave our employees covered in black sealer, almost as if they were playing in it, instead of spraying it on the lots.”

If this work is so dirty, how do they staff the jobs? Well, the company’s philosophy and goals to leave customers with refreshed and safe projects and make parking lots look great again trickles down to each employee. But, that culture isn’t natural, it’s cultivated.

Tips to Dirt-Proof Your Team

(even for the dirtiest jobs)

  • “Treat your employees like you would treat your family.”
  • “We have company get-togethers so we can get to know our employees outside of the workplace.”
  • “We promote a positive work environment, have competitive wages for this field of work, and offer bonus incentives to all our employees.”

“At Advanced Striping, we believe that happy employees are key to delivering superior results. That’s why we prioritize creating a workplace that values camaraderie, safety, and personal growth.” Office Administrator Amanda Hoffman


Yes! They’re always looking for employees with experience in the industry, but they’re willing to train the right candidates too!

New Services!

We know Advanced Striping and Sealcoating offers all services related to asphalt maintenance, but they now offer concrete work as well— with over 100 years of combined experience from their team by the way.

Profits in the Potholes

Just because it’s dirty work doesn’t mean there’s no paperwork! These are some of Advanced Striping and Sealcoating business recommendations and resources for businesses!

Pavement Software Solutions

“It streamlines customer data info, we are able to create bids and save the history of work we have completed for our customers. We can also schedule and invoice directly through it.”

Absolute Studios

“They do an awesome job at keeping up with current trends and promoting our business everywhere.” absolutestudios.com

Organic Marketing

“We have very loyal customers, as well, so we obtain a lot of work by word of mouth. You might have seen our yard signs all over town, as we love to market our finished product.”

Did You Know?

The asphalt maintenance industry is a rapidly advancing one when it comes to technologies, and Advanced Striping and Sealcoating has entered the chat. With the investment of a high-tech machine that applies the seal coat material by squeegee rather than hand spraying, the workers using the tech will find far less emulsified asphalt sealer clogging up their washing machines, homes, and themselves!

Learn more about this dirty job!

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