Dirty Jobs: Prairie Pest Control

Written by: Brady Drake

Check out Prairie Pest Control, where the daily battle is fought against the tiniest of invaders in our cities. Since its inception in 2017, this family-owned and operated business has been the frontline defense in residential and commercial spaces, transforming the daunting task of pest control into a science.

Founded by the seasoned expert, Nick Stokke, Prairie Pest Control harnesses over 60 years of combined experience to tackle any pest challenge thrown their way. After crafting a strategic battle plan, the Prairie Pest team gets the dirty job done. They also place high importance on educating customers on the “how, what, and whys” of each operation to make sure they understand every step of the way.

Small but mighty, the Prairie Pest Control team prides themselves on going the extra mile—or inch, considering their adversaries.

Top Dirtiest Tasks

  1. Imagine a home turning into a metropolis for cockroaches, especially thriving in the nooks of kitchens and bathrooms. When Prairie Pest Control steps into a scene like this, it’s not uncommon to find cabinets, drawers, and appliances teeming with tens of thousands of these unwelcome guests. Often found paired with this thriving cockroach community, the team will navigate through spaces overwhelmed by clutter or hoarding, making their mission to reclaim the home nothing short of heroic (and gross).
  2. Bed bugs aren’t just annoying; they’re invaders that turn bedrooms and living rooms into their personal diners. Prairie Pest Control encounters scenes straight out of a horror movie, with infestations that have been neglected, sometimes for years, leaving behind a trail of droppings, shed skins, and blood spots.
  3. With rodents, the mess is guaranteed. These intruders weave through homes and businesses, indiscriminately leaving droppings and urine in their wake. Prairie Pest Control’s expertise comes into play, using a mix of trapping and baiting techniques to both clear out the current infestation and to ward off future unwelcome guests. FYI—long-term infestations can be a real health hazard, potentially spreading disease through their droppings, making urgency a top priority for the team.

Where Extermination Meets Administration

Field Routes

“We use a software called Field Routes. It allows us to keep a comprehensive list of all our current and past customers, what we have done for them, and any specific notes pertaining to them.” Nick said. The team also utilizes some of the other features provided by Field Routes like emailing, texting, and customer portal services and their advanced GPS route program. “It has been a game changer since moving to this specific software,” he said.

You may not think that someone wakes up and dreams of being in the pest control business… but, thank goodness for those who do. For this team, it’s the good fuzzy feelings of helping people out that drives them, and it’s the knowledge of not only the pest control but the pests themselves that pushes them to grow with each job. Due to that never-ending learning journey, the team has developed a variety of services that require some good old-fashioned elbow grease—check it out!

Residential Services

Seasonal and year-round treatment for pesty creatures like rodents, spiders, ants, Asian beetles, boxelder bugs, ticks, hornets/wasps, and more.

Commercial Services

Year-round, prevention services are available to control pests inside and outside your business.

Specialized Services

Of course, they treat spaces for bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, and commercial fly control—all wonderfully dirty jobs, but Prairie Pest Control also proudly works with rental properties and community living buildings with the control of pests—communal spaces being a common spot for the unwanted critters to thrive.

“We can’t forget about our spider and spider web control at the lakes either, with a wonderful seasonal service that helps rid your lake home of spiders and spider webs,” Nick said, one area that a lot of locals could utilize!

Dirty jobs or issues are an ever-changing thing. Each job presents different challenges that we have to deal with in different ways. The attention to detail and continued education on pests and products that we have at our disposal helps with each new ‘dirty job,’ When presented with extremely dirty jobs we have a team of not only pest technicians but others in the community that we can rely on to meet the challenges head-on and work together to get the job done right for the customers.” Owner & Manager Nick Stokke

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