Cool Offices: Radio FM Media

Written by: Brady Drake

Photos by Hillary Ehlen

Companies far and wide have long tried to inject the boring and sometimes soul-sucking office cubicle layout with a splash of energy to entertain potential clients, infuse energy into the team culture, and drive forward innovation. Radio FM Media, an aptly radio and media company in the Fargo Moorhead area, is using its space in South Fargo to not only push things forward but also keep their employees safe. 

“What we love about our office space is the amount of outside windows and the amount of glass walls on all radio station studios and offices. There is so much light in the building. It creates an atmosphere that makes people happy and enjoy their workspace. We always have that element of the outside coming in as we go through the seasons.”
-Nancy Odney, COO
With 17,000 sq. feet available after an addition and a remodel, Radio FM Media has much more space to socially distance. Every employee at Radio FM Media has their own office.
107.9 The Fox Studio
The Broadcast studios for their their three-person morning shows are all approximately 26 ft x15 ft, so, on-air talent can safely distance in the broadcast facility.
Multi-Purpose room
The multi-purpose room is the largest and most versatile room in the building, measuring roughly 40 ft x 30 ft. The room is equipped with a full kitchen and a main countertop that is 17 ft long and 5 ft wide. Two 85″ TV screens and a fantastic sound system for presentations and events allow the room to used for anything!
98.7 Station
Each station studio is personalized to their format and music with a lively accent wall and decor! The countertops were customized from Northern Stone to fit the on-air announcer’s specific layout needs. The front of all the studios is glass, which gives them bright and cheery feeling while also making the room feel even bigger. The center area that some of the studios surround is equipped with four TVs – they can all have something different playing on them or it can be turned into one large screen.
Breakout room
The small four-person break out room is extremely useful for smaller meetings between co-workers or with clients. It is a more private space that smaller groups often utilize for brainstorming etc. “We do often have multi meetings happening in our building, so it is very functional to have multiple areas we can break out in,” said Odney.
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Brady is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media in Fargo, ND.