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Written by: Brady Drake

A Walk Through The New PRX Performance Facility

PRx Performance, a company that rose to prominence locally and nationally after its founders’ successful appearance on Shark Tank in 2016 which netted them an investment from Kevin O’Leary, has experienced tremendous growth over the company’s lifespan.

In fact, PRx Performance, which sells space saving fitness equipment, moved locations eight times in their first eight years! However, we have a feeling they’ll be in these new digs for a bit longer. Let’s take a look.

The Front Desk

Did You Know?
The new PRx Performance facility cost roughly cost roughly $28 million with construction costs totaling about $23 million and manufacturing equipment costs totaling about $5 million and has more than 194,000 sq. ft. in total building size with two floor offices, a recreation area, warehouse, manufacturing wing, employee gym, showroom, consult rooms and a research and development space.

Q&A With The Founders

Brian Brasch & Erik Hopperstad

How quickly did PRX performance outgrow the last facility?

HOPPERSTAD: At our last facility, we hit capacity in six months. It was one-tenth the size of our new facility.

BRASCH: We started off renting out part of the building, but eventually took over the whole building. We just kept adding. We’ve moved eight times in eight years. We thought we were going to be at this last location for years, but we were on our way out in six months.

HOPPERSTAD: The last building that we actually wanted to be at flooded. When you wake up at 6 a.m. and you have water running out your front door, it’s not great. But in hindsight, it was a blessing because it forced us to find a new space.

BRASCH: 36 hours later we were in a new building and functional. Thankfully, we had already been in the process of getting this place built and up and running.

Where we are at right now, with the new building, we could triple in size here without having to add any more space.

What is the crown jewel of this new facility?

BRASCH: I’ll give three things;

  1. We started some work with sensory equipment. 1 out of 37 kids is on the autistic spectrum and those kids have the opportunity, whenever they want in class, to raise their hand and ask for a sensory break during the day. We’re trying to more options for that.
  2. The rec equipment
  3. The solar panels on the roof. It brings a sense of sustainability to the business and is really about respecting the environment.

HOPPERSTAD: The entrance is really nice and inviting, but once you get back here, the rec area is really nice. The lunchroom is really nice. It’s so cool to have manufacturing in-house as well.

The Tank

The PRx Performance team created this showroom, dubbed “The Shark Tank,” in order to give curious customers the opportunity to see some of the possible home gym variations that can be created with PRx Performance equipment.

“It’s nice to have this because potential customers can come in and move the equipment,” Vice President Rachel Rice said. “A lot of them don’t fully understand the space saving element of the product and how easy it is to lower equipment.”

The PRx Performance team is constantly developing and launching new products. Pictured here are their recently launched wall-mount dumbbell storage.

8 Offices in 8 Years

The Metroflex Location (2013)

The Tubs of Fun Location (2014-2015)

The Advanced Striping & Sealcoating Location (2015)

The Thunder Road Location (2016)

The Old Main Location (2018)

The West Location (2020)

The North Location (2020)

The New PRX Performance HQ (End of 2021)

This list of patents, proudly displayed along the office walls, is a huge piece of the fitness company’s success.

Office Shots

The PRx Per.formance headquarters features a large dining area with plenty of snacks and meals for purchase, including a plethora of Power Plate Meals options.

PRx Performance shoots the majority of its promotional material in-house and this new studio will certainly help.

How could they not have a weight room?

Of course, the new PRx Performance Headquarters has a VERY nice employee gym, complete with just about anything you’d ever need.

There are showers, complete with PRx Performance shower curtains, for employees to utilize before returning to work.

Accompanying the weight room is a cardio balcony upstairs which is being filled with more equipment as we speak.

The Warehouse

A gym on-site and a basketball hoop in the warehouse, who wouldn’t want to work here?

For the very first time, PRx Performance is manufacturing in-house. This has helped them alleviate some supply chain issues while cutting down on costs.

The Recreation Area

If you’re working here, we want to have everything available to you so you don’t need to leave, but we also want you to have fun here. We want this to be a place where people want to be. The communal spaces are also very important for keeping our teams cohesive.” -Erik Hopperstad

Thank you for coming with us and taking a peak at the new PRX Facility!

Please look for more office tours in future issues.
4171 24th Ave N, Fargo

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