A Spotlight On Our New Office

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

An office is so much more than a space to work in… or at least it should be. It’s a place to create, innovate and move the needle. Every manager, c-level executive and owner knows that half of the story. It’s the reason we spend so much time building out processes, evaluating employees and working to create a cohesive, motivated and functional team. However, I came to the realization late in 2020 that the actual space our team was working in was playing a bigger role in our efforts to accomplish these things than I had previously realized… and it was holding us back! That’s why, as of this past summer, our Spotlight team has found a new home. Walk with me on a brief tour through our new space and I’ll give you more insight into our decision-making process and why you might want to consider doing the same for yourself.

Reason #1: Recruiting

Since we have moved into our new office, we have really been promoting it and one of the number one comments we received from candidates we are looking to hire is that they really liked our space and the vibrant environment it gives off.

Reason #2: PR

I am a big believer that businesses should position themselves to be seen as a “Rising Stock”. They should make sure the community knows that the business is growing and constantly evolving while improving its culture to ensure the best experience for clients. The new office has allowed us to physically portray our company’s vision and our photo galleries have generated over 100,00 views on social media.

Reason #3: Customized Experience

I Can’t say enough good things about what it was like working with Design Resource Group. With them, I was able to share my vision and goals for the workplace and watch it become a reality. They worked alongside me the entire to make sure that our space was customized to our specific needs.

Reason #4: Technology Is More Important Than Ever

Since the onset of the pandemic, the need for reliable technology has become increasingly important. At our new space, we now have Apple TVs, Chromecast. hard-wired connections, 4k webcams, fiver gigabit internet, and more to ensure all of our meetings are optimized. I used to be a 5-6 in-person meetings per day before the pandemic, now I do maybe one per day.

Reason #5: Shared Space and Collaborative Area

Our office also includes a large shared conference room and a 40+ person break room. This really adds to the value for us and is extremely important in developing our team and increasing collaboration. Another aid to this is the Blue Water Creek businesses area as a whole, which is really blossoming into its own little mini-downtown. Our team can easily walk to places for lunch, or set up a coffee meeting at a nearby restaurant, plus the other businesses in this area are extremely supportive of one another.

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