6 Benefits To Consider: If Fargo’s Central Business District is Right for You

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff
Photo by Dan Francis

By Adrienne Olson, Kilbourne Group
Photo by Dan Francis

  1. A downtown location can help you attract talent. The top reason we hear from companies thinking about moving to or staying downtown is that a unique office space in the heart of our historic, walkable, amenities-rich city helps them attract and retain talented employees.
  2. Downtown can be an exciting part of your brand and culture. Downtown Fargo is a quirky, lively, creative space that is full of culture and history. Naturally, these features are magnets for those who seek interaction and discovery. Having a downtown office space links your company’s brand to all that is great about the heart of our city.
  3. Downtown has places to meet people. Walking in Downtown Fargo, you are almost guaranteed to run into friends and colleagues on the sidewalk, which can inject new ideas and innovation into your business. Neighbors support neighbors, and there are countless places to meet for collaboration, brainstorming, change-the-world conversations, and opportunities to simply run into people who inspire you or take you in a new direction. Plus, it’s healthy for employees to interact with people from outside of their company every once in a while!
  4. You are part of an active Central Business District. You can be close to clients and customers from anywhere downtown. So close, in fact, that you can walk to them if you choose. It’s also the most unique and intriguing neighborhood to show off to potential customers. You’re near banks, a hospital, city services like the post office and library, and of course local businesses, restaurants, bars, and entertainment.
  5. Bring team members together in a consolidated office. If your office employees are inefficiently spread across multiple locations, consolidating in a new space provides a team-building and culture-building opportunity.
  6. A downtown office aligns with companies who seek to do good while doing business. If you are conscious of your company’s triple bottom line, a downtown space could be right for you. The math proves that it keeps taxes lower for all taxpayers when we fully utilize and maintain the infrastructure that already exists before building new. When a company invests in their down- town, they’re using their purchasing power in a way that strengthens the city. Many businesses cite corporate social responsibility as non-nego- tiable in their ability to attract a new generation of team members.
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