5 Ways To Introduce Company Culture Through Signage

Written by: Fargo Inc

By Rylee Wznick
Photos by Office Sign Company

Developing your company culture and values requires a lot of thought. It could take countless meetings and years of tweaking before you’re happy with how they reflect your company. With all the time and energy put into perfecting it, you want to show it off. Not only is it important for your employees to display your culture and values, but it’s something you want your customers to see upon entering your lobby. This can be displayed through a friendly greeting and excellent service, or in a literal sense, it can be displayed in your lobby with an eye-catching graphic. Read on to learn five ways you can easily present your company’s culture and values through signage.

1. Custom Vinyl Wall Wrap
Displaying your company culture through a vinyl wall wrap is a simple process. If you’re hesitant on what type of design you’d like, feel free to inquire with your local signage company. A majority of signage shops, like Office Sign Company for example, typically have a graphic design department to help you in that endeavor. Agencies or freelance graphic designers are also an excellent resource. Your signage company would also be happy to survey the area to ensure dimensions, vinyl material, texture and obstructions are taken into account before producing your order. Check out the vinyl wall wrapproudly displayed in Office Sign Company! This piece was designed by Jeff Knight from Hello Cereal and printed and installed by the Office Sign Company crew. 

2. Collage Prints
If you’d rather use photos to display your culture, there are unique options for you to do so. Most large format UV printers are capable of printing on a variety of substrates. We printed this collage, for example, using our Flatbed printer on acrylic and mounted it with satin silver stand-off screws to elegantly display it. Aside from acrylic prints, you also have the option to print on metal, canvas, foamcore and more! Collage prints are an excellent conversation-starting piece to focus on the individuals who make up your company.

3. Interactive Displays
Whether it’s in writing or not, part of your company’s mission is to ensure that your customers are enjoying your goods or services. Cross-promoting is an exceptional way to capitalize that! The vinyl graphics shown (the Silver Lining wings and the Concordia Cobber’s mascot) are two examples of using interactive tools to encourage students/customers to show their enjoyment for your industry’s goods and services. As noted in our “Custom Vinyl Wall Wrap” section, be sure to reach out to your local signage company to gather graphic ideas, and schedule the best time for a survey!

4. Donor Walls
Depending on your organization, your company values may include your community. One way to display that value is through a donor wall to show your appreciation. Donor walls can range from baseball home plates to heart-shaped foam squares. Present your idea to your local signage company and see what kind of creativity they can facilitate with the appropriate equipment! 

5. Dimensional lettering 
Lastly, you can display your values or mission statement using acrylic dimensional lettering, as shown below. Not only does this serve as a great display for your visitors, it also serves as a great reminder for your staff. Depending on your local signage company, dimensional lettering is available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and you’re welcome to inquire about setting up an install!

These are just a few different ways that you can boost your company’s brand. Signage industries are always looking for ways to diversify their capabilities, and presenting them with creative projects is an excellent way to do that. Decorate your office space with the people and values that create it and get creative!

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