5 Ideas To Get Inspired for Giving Hearts Day With Catalyst Medical Center

Written by: Kara Lidberg

The team at Catalyst Medical Center, led by founder Dr. Susan Mathison, is made up of compassionate people who love to give. With help from Karisa Shuck, the company’s marketing director, Mathison shared how they keep the Giving Hearts Day spirit thriving throughout the business.

1. Giftcards

Mathison has always encouraged her team to give to local nonprofits, if they can, but she also recognizes every individual is at a different place. To help make an impact, the business provides every staff member with a gift card to be used specifically for a nonprofit of their choice. Along with the gift card, Catalyst will match each donation up to $50.

2. Teamwork

Something Shuck believed made last year’s Giving Hearts Day unique was that the company’s team participated in a variety of activities together. “We used these opportunities to find ways to raise money as a team,” she said.

Some of these activities included small contests like Minute to Win It games and having a Jeans Day on Fridays.

3. Employee Spotlights

To raise awareness, Catalyst used its social media accounts. Picking an individual employee to talk about which nonprofit they’re donating to and why, the company shared these employee spotlights on its platforms for the month leading up to Giving Hearts Day.

4. Visually Show Your Spirit

“It seems like the entire building was decorated with hearts and everyone is wearing red,” Mathison said.

The company even parks its Giving Hearts Day truck in front of the building ― the perfect location to promote the event to every person who drives along I-94.

5. Use Your Resources And Stay Ahead Of The Game

Did you know that Dakota Medical Foundation has training opportunities that businesses can partake in to learn how they can best support local nonprofits? The organization is also a fountain of ideas and provides yard signs, t-shirts and other items to get the party going.

Also, be on the lookout for fun activities to add. “Even though we start in December, we constantly have our thinking caps on for what to do,” Dr. Mathison said, “noticing things throughout the year that we could implement.”

If you love what Catalyst Medical Center stands for and know someone who could benefit from an encouraging gift, reach out for a donation opportunity by emailing Marketing Director Karisa Shuck at [email protected] for more information.

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