10 Misconceptions About IT Debunked

Written by: Josiah Kopp

From the IT experts of 702 Communications

1. Why should I need to hire IT professionals? It seems like an unnecessary expense.

Well-thought-out Information Technology (IT) is more important than ever. Breaches and outages don’t just happen to large corporations, and when they do happen, they can cost you a small fortune. 702 can tailor solutions to your specific needs.

2. I don’t need an IT budget. Hiring help when things break is cheaper and just as effective.

Equipment that is properly maintained and monitored will guarantee fewer interruptions, less downtime and will prolong your investments. Just like with your car, routine maintenance is an essential step to keep things running smoothly.

3. I have antivirus, so I’m secure.

Your business needs more IT security than antivirus alone. While antivirus is important, a comprehensive security plan would include firewall, backups, staff training, regular updates, security protocols and more.

4. I’ll just get what’s cheapest—it’s all made the same.

There is a difference between equipment for your business vs your home. Your business will have specific needs. A free business consultation from 702 will help guide you.

5. Hackers will never target my small business.

Hackers don’t just target specific businesses. They are opportunists and will scan for vulnerabilities. To ensure you aren’t a target, you will need added layers of security from a trusted IT provider.

6. I won’t fall for email scams (phishing). I know that no one overseas is going to just give me a fortune.

Phishing is an ever-evolving threat. More than 90% of cyberattacks begin with a targeted phishing campaign. Training your staff to watch for these attacks is crucial in maintaining a safe environment for your business

7. My network isn’t the problem, my internet is just bad.

A poorly realized network can present itself as a bad or slow Internet connection. All of the equipment on your network can have different requirements and may create bottlenecks. Our experts can help identify issues and find ways to optimize your network. 702’s technical experts will help you get the most out of your investments.

8. My employees know not to access non-business-related sites.

It isn’t as simple as that. Bad actors are constantly looking for ways to get into your network. The FBI has recently advised that everyone use an adblocker, as malicious ads are becoming more prevalent. Additionally, your computer can become compromised simply by browsing to the wrong website—potentially from a business-related google search.

9. I don’t need a professional: I know enough about IT to be dangerous.

Sure, it might work, but is it configured correctly? More importantly, is it secure? 702 will constantly monitor and keep your solution up to date, while recommending best practices for everything from email to your POS systems.

10. My top-of-the-line Wi-Fi router works great at home, it should be ideal for my business.

It may work just fine for home use, but not all routers are created equally. You will want to make sure you have the correct securities in place and separate networks set up for Admin, Guest and Point of Sale.

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