My First Job: Janna Sagvold

Written by: Jennifer Gades

Photo by Hillary Ehlen

Your first job. For some, it may have been fun and carefree. For others, it may simply have been a way to get some cash in your pocket. Whether you enjoyed your first job or not, it was likely the cornerstone of your career. This is where we got our first glimpse of the real world, learned how to manage money and maybe even decided what we wanted to do when we grew up and got “real jobs.”

In the following sections, join us and we hear from local business owners and leaders who share the lessons they learned at their first jobs. These fun and insightful reflections inspired us to delve deeper into the recruitment process.

Janna Sagvold

First Job: Server in a small town restaurant

Current Job: Photographer/Owner of Janna Sagvold Photography

10 Things I Learned…

1. How to have good people skills and a great poker face.

2. Hard work pays off. The busier you are, the harder you work.

3. Nothing is what it seems. People are not what they seem. People you think will tip well or should tip well rarely do, and vice versa.

4. The art of multi-tasking. It is easier to carry five plates and a pitcher of water stacked across my arms than it is to carry five plates and a pitcher of water on a tray. If a server comes to you with a full tray, do not help and take something off the tray. Unless you want to wear it.

5. Yes is always the answer. Always. If your guests are not happy, you did not do your job.

6. The ends do not always equal the means. The tip you receive is not always indicative of the service. But…sometimes it is.

7. Accept chaos.

8. Even people in the lowliest positions in life can be successful people.

9. Take responsibility and accept that you are on your own. Everything is your fault. All of it. Accept it. Own it. But, this will keep you humble. And not many careers keep your humility in check.

10. Memory. I would absolutely love to recite all 26 tap options for you to choose a Bud Light.

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