Meet Wendy Waalen, Financial Advisor/Wealth Manager At Gardner Financial Services

Written by: Andrew Jason

Photo by Hillary Ehlen

Financial Advisor/Wealth Manager
Gardner Financial Services

Who she is…
I started in the business in 2000 and worked from the ground up. I started as a receptionist/cashier, moved to a client service associate position and then to a registered investment advisor. Now I have my own independent office. I’ve worked at large national firms but wanted to transition to a smaller locally owned broker-dealer in the Midwest. Through all these stepping stones I’ve taken, I kept the same goal in mind: to properly SERVICE clients.

What her day looks like…
I spend my days doing household reviews with my clients and researching the best tools and investment strategies to keep them on the financial path they require. It’s actually my favorite part of my job. I like to get to know my clients. Their families, their likes, their needs and their dreams. 

What she would give a TED Talk on…
I feel there should be more education out there on investing. Not necessarily how to buy/sell, but to know what you own and your risk tolerance. This goes especially for women. The number one comment I usually received from my clients and prospect is, “I don’t understand how any of this works…” and, “I wish I started to save money sooner!” Especially when employees sign up for their 401k through their employer and no help is given. How does that person know they’re on or continuing on the right financial direction?

What she believes every great leader must do…
Every great leader must listen. Listen to your clients. Listen to your employees. Listen to any information that might affect your business, even if you don’t agree with what is being said. That is the only way to learn new ideas.

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