Meet Melissa Rogne, President & Founder Of Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

Who she is…
Melissa is known as a pioneer in the aesthetics industry: she became one of the first Licensed Medical Aestheticians in North Dakota after graduating from St. Paul Technical College. In 2005, she opened Rejuv. Her vision was to create a unique facility that provides a positive working environment for like-minded colleagues in the aesthetic industry – those that had love and passion for the work they do on a daily basis and for the clients they treat. As an innovator, Melissa’s goal is to advance the industry while advancing care and technology at Rejuv. She loves to be on the cutting edge and she loves to learn and use that new information to raise the bar on service offerings and technology.

Worst piece of advice she’s ever received…
Hide your stress/worries from your team. Don’t ever let them in on things that aren’t going right. Don’t let them see you sweat. I actually do the exact opposite. I am a total open book. We share everything  – our successes, our challenges, my hopes, dreams and fears. They get the 100 percent authentic Melissa – not a version of who I think they should see. 

What she would give a TED talk on…
Women in the workplace – and how we can bust all the myths the exist. I’m so annoyed when people say “Oh, poor you, you have to work with all those women”. Um – NO – I GET to work with all these women, and they are kind, and supportive, and fun and professional. 

If she could only thank one person, it would be…
My husband, Cory. He has worked up here with me since our daughter was born – 8 years ago. And to be honest – it’s usually him cleaning the dust bunnies and folding towels! He has always done whatever it takes to support me so I can shine, all the while getting little recognition for himself. He is the glue that holds everything together!! I don’t know that I would ever have had the confidence to do all the crazy things I’ve done without him believing that I could do it!! 

Her media recommendation…
I am such a huge fan of Patrick Lencioni’s work – 5 dysfunctions, The Advantage, The Ideal Team player – I read and re read them and have purchased them for my entire team!!! The concept that the true competitive advantage in any industry is TEAMWORK just rings to true for me. 

The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni

Her “why”….
I love making people happy and when they leave Rejuv feeling better than they did when they walked in, it sparks true joy for me. When I take my laps through the lobby to “meet and greet” and see all of the smiles and hugs, my why is front and center!

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