Part 3: Faces Of Fargo Business 2017

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

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In 2017, we photographed nearly 200 members of the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo business community. Among them were entrepreneurs, artists, pilots, CEOs, software developers, comedians, executive directors, veterans, graduate students and community builders. Join us as we celebrate each and every one of them in Fargo INC!‘s first-ever coffee table book, “Faces of Fargo Business.”

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In part three, we feature SCHEELS Assistant Store Leader Ryan Labarge, Community Builder Annie Wood, Sanford Health Public Affairs Director Dave Anderson, General Equipment & Supplies President Jon Shilling and RDO Equipment Co. PR Specialist Lindsay Paulson.


Assistant Store Leader, SCHEELS


Q: What’s one thing the local business community could do to help you?
A: Continue to support our business versus online shopping


Community Builder

Annie Wood


“People often think it’s magic that makes so many things happen in our community. Really, it’s the result of multitudes of dedicated people who use creative intention to bring events and opportunities to life (and lots of spreadsheets, too). Also, the enthusiasm we show is genuine. I get really excited when you show up because I don’t want to create events for empty rooms!”


Public Affairs, Director Sanford Health


Q: What would you give a TED Talk on?
A: Communicating more in the old-fashioned way with our voices, our eyes and our personal strengths and much, much less with devices and digits. We’re losing something that makes us human: the ability to personally interact and enjoy each other’s company and wisdom.


President & CEO General Equipment & Supplies


Q: What 2017 accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: I’m most proud of our implementation of the Traction Process and how far it has come. It’s extremely exciting to see everyone throughout the company embrace it and see our culture continue to grow with it.


PR Specialist, RDO Equipment Co. 


What I’d give a TED Talk on

“I’m a believer in the opportunity we all have to make good choices. I don’t believe some of us have ‘more motivation’ to do things that benefit our overall wellness. I believe it’s all about a proactive effort to make good choices. I would love to give a TED Talk that dispels the myth of motivation and puts the responsibility back on us as individuals.”

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