5 Ways To Save Your Marketing Dollars On Your Next Sign Purchase

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff
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We can all agree that signage is necessary to boost your brand, even if it’s not always the first area in which you’d like to spend your marketing dollars. There is a silver lining to this misconception, however. While still receiving high-quality products and services, you can easily save money with tips directly from your local sign shop: Office Sign Company!

The signage industry is an excellent resource to build your brand, set your business apart and attract attention. Most sign shops have the means to produce name badges, ADA compliant interior signs, promotional material, event signage, awards, gifts and so much more. We know that all of these signs (especially when ordered in bulk) can cost a pretty penny. Fortunately for you, it doesn’t have to. 

Navigate The Discounts
Contrary to popular belief, marketers try to make our discounts as evident as possible. The same is true for the marketing team behind signage companies. For example, every week, part of Office Sign Company’s Marketing and Graphic Design team meet to brainstorm new promotions. Ideation for these promotions is based on popular office signage sold this time last year. Or, we just pay attention to up-and-coming trends. Then we give you a percentage off! It’s a relatively simple process on the marketing end, and they aim to make it simple on your end, too. You can typically find these promotions in the following three ways:

Subscribe to their e-newsletter
Follow them on social media 
Give them a call!

Check Your Inbox
Newsletters are typically sent out once a week or once a month to stay relevant to customers. This leaves you a number of opportunities to take advantage of promotions. These promotions can range from BOGO deals to generous percentages off. And sometimes they’ll maybe give out a free t-shirt “just because.” By finding your signage shop on social media, you may come across a spontaneous “Like and Share” competition to win free name badges for your team! And, it does no harm to give them a call and ask what kind of deals they’re running. After all, their number is provided in the “Contact Us” section of their website for a reason! Case in point: their marketing departments are looking for ways to give you deals. Take advantage of them!

Office Sign Company
Provided by office sign company

Order In Bulk
When ordering for a business, odds are you’re going to have to order more than one sign, nameplate or promotional swag item. In some scenarios, there may be a “minimum purchase requirement” that requires the customer to purchase at least 100 of a certain item or make an account before proceeding with the order. This is for means of business; it’s nothing personal, though it can be frustrating. This isn’t always the case. At our company, for example, there is no minimum purchase with any of our signage or services. But if you need to order in bulk, quantity discounts are available! In fact, they’re often preferred in the signage industries. Production Personnel requires a certain set-up process depending on your order. If you order in bulk, you’re really doing them and yourself a favor. Thank you for that!  

Use Alternative Materials
If you’re unfamiliar with signage slang and you’re overwhelmed by your options, fret not. Most every signage industry you do business with will be happy to educate you. It never hurts to ask! Whether it’s swapping out a steel substrate for a less expensive aluminum, a high-end wrap vinyl for a lesser-known brand or a metal letter for a metal-laminated plastic, there are tons of opportunities for you to save dollars on your signs. If you ask them honestly, “What alternative materials do you have for this sign?” they will not try to up-sell you. They consider all variables before putting your order through: material, mounting, placement, etc. 

Office Sign Company
Provided by office sign company

Initiate A Negotiation
If the cost of production allows, the account representative you’re in contact with will try to be as competitive as possible with their quotes. The signage industry doesn’t like to be “out-bid,” so to speak, and you have the power to negotiate! Our goal at Office Sign Company is to expand our capabilities with every opportunity presented to us. The same is probably true for the signage company you’re in contact with. If you have a custom project in mind, sell them with the opportunity, and they will do what they can to deliver a fair price.

Depending on your company’s industry, signage companies are often open to trade agreements! Keeping a limit per year in mind, there are a plethora of advantages to the “give and take” of trade between businesses. If your agreement is compelling enough, you may be seeing fresh signage in your office before 2020 – all of which was done with a little trade, negotiation, navigation and knowledge of alternative materials. 

Don’t let the fear of signage costs keep you from boosting your brand! Take advantage of these budget-friendly tips the next time you place an order at any sign shop. 

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