There’s A New Podcast In Town

Written by: Brady Drake

When Patrick Metzger left his 11-year career as a teacher to pursue an entrepreneurial journey, he never though he would add podcast host to his resume. Now, the professional EOS implementer can say that he has.


Why start the podcast?

The idea for the podcast really came from my own love of information and stories and learning about great people. Especially learning about someone’s beginnings. There’s so much buried in those beginnings that really help you learn who a person is. Once you learn about a person’s journey, the obstacles they faced along the way, the adversity, you really understand a person so much more clearly. To me that’s super interesting. I really like to learn how people got to where they are. If you look at the people on the podcast, they’re all really high performers.

Building brand awareness and increasing connections is another reason I started the podcast, but it’s just fun to share stories and help others elevate themselves. I hope to help others not make the same mistakes and all the guests on the podcasts have a lot of challenges they’ve been through.

Educating and coaching is another big reason I started the podcast. It’s always truly been what I’ve been about. So, for me to be able to provide education and tips through someone else’s story is pretty cool for me. I’ve done the entrepreneurial journey and a lot of the guests are entrepreneurs as well. The journey isn’t easy and there’s a story to every entrepreneur.

How can members of the business community benefit from listening to the podcast?

Like I said, in every guest’s story there are lessons, ideas and nuggets that are valuable. All the guests on the podcast are performers of some kind and there’s so much to learn from like-minded people. Listening to the podcast will be beneficial to everyone because even high performers are people just like everyone else and they go through a lot of the same struggles that everyone else does.

How do you choose your guests?

Guests really come from all walks of life. They come from connections I have on LinkedIn to friends or even friends of friends. I’m also on a platform that helps me dive into potential guests. That has been super interesting to go through.

However, my favorite thing to do is bold reach outs. My first guest, Damon West, is one of the top speakers in the nation right now. He has talked to almost every major Division I college football team in the nation and is making his rounds through that circuit. I reached out to him randomly on LinkedIn and he said he’d love to be on the podcast.

What can people expect from the show in the future?

Really fantastic stories and great information. There’s going to be a lot of local information and local guests as far as business leaders from around the area. In the future, I’d also like to take the podcast down from every other week occurrence to an every week occurrence. I’d also like to increase the amount of great information in the podcast as we go.

Do you have any dream guests?

I’d love to have John Maxwell on. Ed Milet is my favorite podcast that I listen to. Jay Chevey has a crazy story. Tony Robbins would be fantastic as well. However, what I’ve found is some of the best stories don’t always come from the biggest names. Some of the best stories are in your community and in your own network of people. I’m trying to get those stories out so people can learn from them.

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Brady is the Editorial Director at Spotlight Media in Fargo, ND.