Gofargojobs.com offers a new way to find the next great job or employee

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

Fargo INC!, Fargo Monthly and gofargojobs.com are excited to team up to provide a new way for job seekers to find their dream careers and for employers to find that perfect

  • Gofargojobs.com was started by Rick Berg and Sean Maki, the two men behind the popular Fargo digital marketing agency, Adshark Marketing.
  • The website aims to offer employers and employees an easy-to-navigate and user- friendly website.
  • Employers can place listings online, via Facebook recruiting ads and in Fargo INC! and Fargo Monthly magazine.
  • Employers can post internship positions for free, making it a great resource for college students.
  • A new design will be launched shortly, making the site even easier and cleaner to use.
  • Ultimately, Berg has big visions for the site. “It would be cool to just see it grow and be a dedicated resource that people rely on for finding jobs in Fargo,” said Berg. “If it takes off, we can expand to other cities or the state of North Dakota.”


“There weren’t a lot of job sites that were focused on just Fargo. All of the other options seemed to be expensive or didn’t produce results. We wanted to create a jobs site that was dedicated to the Fargo-Moorhead area, is simple and easy to use, easy for people to apply on, as well as affordable for employers.” – Rick Berg

The site is clean and easy to use, as well as being mobile friendly.
Employers can post a job open- ing in less than a minute and can easily add their listing to be posted in Fargo Monthly and Fargo INC!
If you are a job seeker, make sure you follow them on Twitter and Facebook for the latest job openings.
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