Making the Most Of Your Generosity

Written by: Brady Drake
DMF Executive Director Pat Traynor, Western State Bank Market President Dan Jacobson, Eyecare Associates Co-owner Dr. Barbra Brookshire and Lend A Hand Up Director NOLAN SCHMIDT Jeana Peinovich

Photo by Nolan Schmidt

Medical crisis is the leading cause of bankruptcy—but it doesn’t have to be. Lend A Hand Up is a local nonprofit that helps community members burdened by medical expenses. By offering free and comprehensive resources, fundraising champions are empowered and generosity is enhanced. Whether you want to host or support a fundraiser for a coworker, family member or friend, your gifts go further with Lend A Hand Up.

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, Lend A Hand Up doesn’t profit from your generosity.
Whereas, most giving platforms solicit tips or keep a percentage of funds raised (10-20 percent on average), Lend A Hand Up doesn’t take away from the giving process. Instead of adding charges, Lend A Hand Up adds value.

Through its unique boost platform, gifts made through increase by 20 percent. By boosting your gift 20 percent without deducting fees or tips, this can amount to a 40 percent difference in what the family receives. Since Dakota Medical Foundation manages all the administrative fees for Lend A Hand Up, 100 percent of gifts help families. Whereas many donors direct their gift to a specific individual/ family fund, many businesses donate to the program itself. Gifts to the program are tax-deductible and spread out to help many families. This is what supplements the boost.

Western State Bank is one of Lend A Hand Up’s boost sponsors. Like many, they make their annual donation on Giving Hearts Day. Eyecare Associates, another longterm program sponsor, makes their gift at year-end in coordination with their staff holiday celebration. Since many on their team have been actively involved in benefits supporting local families, their year-end gift is a meaningful way to support the program’s giving capacity in the new year.

Since hosting in-person benefits isn’t a current option and needs are amplified, program gifts go a long way toward helping others. Jeana Peinovich, Lend A Hand Up Program Director states, “Whether you direct a gift to an individual-family fund or contribute to the program, your generosity will help families close to your home and heart. As a caring community, giving is so much more than just financial help. Your support brings hope.” 365 days a year, Lend A Hand Up offers giving opportunities on its website. Whether you start a fundraiser or support an existing one, the program will literally uplift your gift.

DMF Executive Director Pat Traynor states, “Lend A Hand Up brings out the best in everyone. The program’s resources inspire and enhance the efforts of a caring community coming together to help their neighbors.”

Learn more about current fundraisers or start a new one by visiting, or call Jeana at 701.356.2661

Giving PlatformGift AmountTips/FeesBoosts/GrantsTotal ChargedNet Gift
Lend A Hand Up$1000%+20%$100$120
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