Fargo Inc’s Cover Stories of 2021

Written by: Grant Ayers

Each month, we dive deep into a new and exciting part of Fargo’s business landscape. The hard part? There’s so much that is new and exciting. With this in mind, it can be even harder to pick a cover story, much less a cover for the magazine.

However, this is something we must do every month. Here is a look back at the covers and cover stories Fargo INC! put together in 2021.

All of these articles can be found on fargoinc.com or issuu.com/fmspotlight

January: Family Fun!

A Look Inside The Culture Of D-S Beverages And A Family Succession Plan In The Works

Doug Restemayer and his son Bill had a simple father’s day conversation that ended up laying the groundwork for years to come. While Doug may still be quite some time from his retirement, it’s gratifying for everyone involved to see the family business maintain its familial status. With a spectacular culture that emphasizes their values, as well as care for the retailers, community and teammates, business is running better than ever.

Other topics tackled in this issue are Seven Things to Combat Your Desk Job (p. 64), The ERG Grant in Action (p. 48) and Ten Things Leaders Should Know to Navigate Organizational Change (p. 54).

February: Beyond The Game

Former Athletes Making A Difference In The Real World

While current athletes take up the majority of news, coverage of former athletes’ current events is few and far between. In this issue over half a dozen former athletes get the spotlight they deserve, highlighting the important, real differences they’re making in the real world. Athletes featured include the Lamoureux twins, former MLB player Chris Coste and NCAA National Champion and Concordia College All-American Jodee Bock.

Other topics tackled in this issue is A CEO conversation With Tom Astrup (p. 78) and some of the best ways to market towards Gen Z (p. 88).

March: Women Making A Positive Impact

In our March issue, we partner with the United Way to examine just a few of the many women that are making a positive impact in our community. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of more women in our community that made a deep impact, the women in this issue are certainly deserving of recognition. Each of them brings their own experience to the table, offering up what they believe to be some of the most valuable lessons they’ve learned, as well as how being in this community has impacted them.

April: The Business of Lending A Hand

When Times Are Tough, Lend A Hand Up Is There To Help

Jesse Hoorelbeke was known within the community for capturing the photos and videos of those that needed their stories to be told. While he was used to capturing eye-opening events for the wider community to see, he wasn’t prepared for an eyeopening event to happen to himself, a cancer diagnosis. With a plan of attack set in stone, Jesse was ready to fight, and so was the rest of the community alongside him. Lend A Hand Up, Spotlight Media and many others pitched in and lent him a hand in his time of need. Three things that Jesse wants every reader to know is that it’s important to ask for help, get screened and stay positive in times of crisis such as this one. There are always other people that need the support and determination that Jesse received.

Elsewhere, in this issue of Fargo INC! readers can learn more about local golf professionals adapting to changing times (p. 60), as well as a spotlight on the Dakota Dirt Coffee Company (p. 70).

May: Veteran – Owned

In this issue, we highlight a handful of the veterans making an impact in the business community. Their perseverance, commitment and unique life experiences make their advice and insights incredibly valuable.

Other highlights in this issue include resources for veterans (p. 50) and much more.

June: My First Job

We all remember our first job. Some had it great, while others quickly realized that they needed to carve a different path so they didn’t end up with a job they would regret until retirement. Throughout this issue, we explore local community members’ first jobs and ten lessons regarding what they learned from them.

In this issue, learn about a new product helping employee engagement (p. 62), what your future workers want (p. 58) and Five Ways to Avoid the Expense and Reputation Damage of Litigation (p. 79).

July: Two Friends Influencing People

Despite being sixty years removed from his passing, Dale Carnegie still has a heavy influence on the movers and shakers of today. Carnegie’s ND and MN training companies remain one of the most current, forward-thinking development programs to date. Offering in-house training and customized solutions, as well as live online options, Dale Carnegie Training offers a wide range of opportunities for those looking to push themselves to new heights.

Also included in this issue are Tips For Growing in North Dakota (p. 64), essential trademarking information (p. 70) and The Power of Social Networks in the Workplace (p. 76).

August: Young Gums

The business market used to be a job field that required years of preliminary experience before someone could reap the benefits. Nowadays, there are plenty of young, aspiring professionals looking to make their name in the game. Ranging from marketing directors to account managers to cash management officers, these young professionals are aiming high with an impressive resume at such an early stage.

Other discussions in this edition include Innovation leading North Dakota to become the nation’s first carbon-neutral state (p. 84) and an entrepreneur’s social network during the COVID pandemic (p. 78).

September: Family Matters

Beginning in 1981, Herzog Roofing was started by two brothers with a loan, some fatherly guidance and a dream. What came from this dream was more successful than either of them could have imagined. While it may have taken a few years to get the company off the ground to a successful stage, taking their time and making thoughtful business decisions proved to be effective. The company has grown to new heights and extended outside the family. Don’t let that give off the wrong impression about Herzog Roofing, as even the non-blood-related employees have said that they feel like family.

Also in this issue: The rebellious future of HR (p. 46) and Minding the Digital Literacy Gap (p. 85).

October: Did You Know Fargo Is At The Center 3D Printing World?

Lulzbot is the United State’s largest manufacturer of desktop 3D printers, yet few in the community know about this innovative company. Their impressive resume includes work on the new Star Wars films, collaboration with NASA, Ford, John Deere, Tesla and many more. While many know how 3D printers work at a basic level, less know just how easy and affordable it is nowadays to print using this technology.

Further topics in this issue include Small Business Financing Basics (p. 84), how Workplace Culture Encourages Employee Retention (p. 92) and Breaking Into Finance (p. 46).

November: The Secrets of Sales

In this issue, we lean on industry experts to find you the best sales advice possible. Featured in this issue is Ryan Dohrn ( an Emmy Winning Sales Coach), Shawn Peterson and Anna Hanson. We also bring you sales tech and literature to help you sell more successfully.

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