Face Of Public Safety: Dawn Stollenwerk, Lacey Bunkelman, & Tyrell Fauske, The City of Fargo

Written by: Fargo Inc Staff

Dawn Stollenwerk has been with the Fargo Fire Department for more than a decade, making history as the first female firefighter in Fargo history.

As a Deputy Fire Marshal, she spends much of her time conducting fire investigations and engaging in public education about fire safety and prevention.

“I really enjoy knowing that what I’m doing helps people,” says Stollenwerk. “It is very rewarding to know we are saving lives and livelihoods.”

When Lacey Bunkelman explains why she loves her role as a police officer in Fargo, she speaks from the heart.

“Fargo is truly a diamond in the rough and the people I serve are part of the most rewarding things about my job,” says Bunkelman.

Lacey Bunkelman has been with the Fargo PD for five years, and was formerly a member of the ND Air National Guard.

Her commitment to the Fargo community inspires her to be a better officer each time she clocks in. “The people that I serve are what keeps me going and is why I’m able to put the uniform on–day in and day out.”

Officer Tyrell Fauske is a veteran patrolman of Fargo’s streets, with more than seven years of protecting and serving the community. This experience helps him make a positive impact on the community each time he dons the Fargo Police badge.

To Fauske, the most rewarding aspect of being a police officer is helping the community– especially those in difficult or dangerous situations. “I try to provide a resource that can help them solve their problem and start enjoying the things in life again,” says Fauske.

“Seeing them later living successful lives and contributing to the community is the best part of my job.”

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