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Written by: Bethlehem Gronneberg
Bethlehem Gronneberg Founder and CEO of uCodeGirl

By Bethlehem Gronneberg

One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course
to their destination. John C. Maxwell

We had an inkling it was a perfect match from the start. Everyone involved thought the same – the mentor, the mentee and the matchmaker which happens to be uCodeGirl.

During the 3rd annual Crack the Code: STEM Mentorship for Girls, Natalie Peterson’s love of animals, her passion for Science and her desire to study Veterinary Medicine in college had informed uCodeGirl to pair her with Dr. Carrie Hammer, the Director of Equine Science at North Dakota State University. “I wanted to write and share with
you that uCodeGirl had set the ball rolling on many incredible opportunities for Natalie,” wrote Natalie’s mother, Amanda Peterson. “We are so thankful for this ongoing mentorship from Carrie and the encouragement from your program. She is well on the road to reach her goal.”

A mentor is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction. John C. Crosby

Her mentor, Dr. Hammer, was equally excited to share her passion for science and love of animals. Their connection empowered Natalie in numerous ways, inside and outside uCodeGirl’s mentorship program. Their relationship continues to provide Natalie with incredible resources to achieve her goals.

“Dr. Hammer had graciously offered to be Natalie’s mentor when Natalie applied for an Ann Bancroft Foundation Let Me Play Grant. Natalie excitedly received the grant later that fall. Dr. Hammer had kept in touch with Natalie while she used her award
to take weekly private horseback riding lessons this summer. While Natalie participated in uCodeGirl’s STEM Mentorship program in 2019, her science group studied pollinators. With the help of Dr. Hammer, Natalie applied and was selectedto be a part of the Buzz Lab Internship at the Plains Art Museum that combines studies of pollinators and art. Natalie and her mother were ecstatic to see this awesome connection between the two experiences.

We are thrilled to hear about this amazing connection between Natalie and Carrie. We
are cheering for Natalie as she continues to chart her path to STEM career. Natalie has big dreams of being a vet, rescuing animals, and riding horses.

She provides an incredible example of the positive impact that a mentor can have in your aspirations. Natalie also proves that uCodeGirl can provide experiences that are inspiring to girls of all interests from technology to zoology.

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