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  • TEDxFargo 2016 Speaker Chery Heller CommonWise speaks to crowd
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    TEDxFargo 2016 calls for action amidst time of unrest

    The seventh TEDxFargo event was held July 21 at the Fargo Civic Center with more than 1,800 attendees and 25 speakers from all across the country. The event, which centered around a theme of acceleration, wove in urgent calls to action as speakers spoke about topics in the realm of TED: technology, entertainment and design. […] More

  • Fargo using Uber
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    Disrupting Fargo: How Airbnb and Uber are impacting the city

    In the past year, something called the sharing economy has sprouted roots in Fargo. It’s the idea that people can use the goods they already have and engage in a peer-to-peer based sharing market. Companies like Airbnb and Uber have capitalized on the idea, disrupting the way people think about lodging, traveling and community. Here in Fargo, they are just starting […] More