5 Tech Tools To Combat COVID-19

Written by: Brady Drake

Daniel Bell had once said “technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.”  Difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions. Services and experiences that centered around increased safety and peace of mind during this pandemic is sure to be appreciated by many. Here are the five technology products and services designed to support efforts in that regard. 

1. Connected Wearable Air Purifier

Worried about returning to your regular gym or concerned with venturing the great outdoors, also frequented by other people? FitAir, the personal wearable air purifier, has come to the rescue. While running or biking, the re-chargeable device can be mounted on your arm and is connected to a specialized mask that will pump fresh air to the user at all times during wear. You no longer need to inhale smoke, bacteria, viruses, allergens and air pollution as the device uses medical-grade H11 HEPA air filters to get the air purified to a radius of 25 square feet around you. 

2. Early Virus Detection Intelligence on Wearable Tech Users

Fitbit has launched a study of its users in the United States and Canada to opt-in for collecting data of which will be used to formulate an algorithm that can predict the onset of COVID-19. Fitbit hopes symptom history and long-term vitals data collected at scale could help build an objective profile of COVID-19 cases. Identifying these potential infections early can help encourage individuals to seek care or self-isolate. Smart watches have also jumped on the wagon of sanitization with an app that reminds its wearer to wash their hands for the recommended amount of time.

3. Portable UVC Face Mask Sterilizer

Wearing a mask has become our new normal. Just as important is the proper handling of used masks. To keep reusable masks as fresh and clean as possible between uses, portable and UVC-based mask sterilizing devices have started to emerge in the marketplace. CleansBox UVC, Maskirei, Phonesoap, and Multi-Function Sterilizer are among the list of gadgets that claim to sanitize face masks, keys and smartphones off pathogens in just under a few minutes. Small enough to be carried in the pocket or car, some of these on-the-go face mask sterilizers also double as mobile data banks. There is also a self-sterilizing face mask with an N99+ HEPA filter. Of course, you can use the tried and true good old soap and water method as well.

4. Programmable LED Face Mask

You already know you can make reusable face masks. But do you know you can code one? For all the geeks out there, this Arduino Namo Microcontroller powered Do-It-Yourself novelty mask can display messages as text, images and can be made to respond to music, sounds and your voice with equalizer effects. It is also rechargeable with USB. Tyler Glaiel, a programmer, has recently launched his own innovative mask that helps people showcase their emotions while wearing a mask. The concept, a new voice-activated LED mask, uses lights to mimic the natural movement of the mouth when speaking. Glaiel launched detailed instructions with photos and step-by-step guidance to show other creators how to make their own LED mask at home.

5. Contact-Free Technology Coming to a Restaurant and Convenience Stores Near You

As restaurants work to adapt to new regulations and safety measures, tech entrepreneurs are busy enhancing systems for contactless interactions between customers and service providers in the service industry. weQless is such a company that boasts to provide customers with a virtually immersive 360-degree digital rendition of menu browsing experience using QR code set at the table so that they can seamlessly place their order and avoid printed or shared menus. The system also uses a cashless NFC (Near Field Communication) payment system. Smart bot assisted curation of a customized menu for a customer based on their health preferences is a game changer that is already in practice. Scan-and-go shopping technology is a design of a store that has no physical counter for checking out goods. This technology is powering stores nationwide such as 7-Eleven, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and Kroger for completely cashless and cardless transactions by letting shoppers complete sales using only their smartphones. Customers just scan their desired products and pay and go to their busy life.  Amazon Go has the most advanced implementation of scan-and-go technology requiring no scanning of goods but uses a combination of cameras and sensors to keep track of all items shoppers pick up and place in their shopping carts.

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