3 Summer Events To Enhance Your Company Culture

Written by: Andrew Jason

By Rylee Wznick
Photos by Office Sign Company

Upon interviewing for a potential job, one of the most important questions your interviewer will ask you is, “What can your next job provide you?” Your answers could range from excellent benefits to opportunity for growth to something as simple as culture. Devoting 40+ hours of your week to your workplace is a commitment that you want to enjoy. Fortunately, capitalizing a fun and healthy work environment is highly attainable when you use your resources.

Living in the Fargo-Moorhead community provides us with a plethora of ways to build on your company culture; you just may not know it yet! The summer, especially, is a great time to get out and take advantage of these opportunities. Below are three of Office Sign Company’s favorite activities to take part in during the busy summer season. You can easily implement them within your company!

1 Family/Team Picnic

Office Sign Company employees enjoying a picnic

Given the two to three months of sunshine we are allowed in the great state of North Dakota, us Fargoans have to take advantage of the warm days while we have them. Summer is a busy time for businesses and families alike, and what better way to celebrate both than with a picnic? The Fargo-Moorhead area has a variety of parks (with shelters) that your business can rent out for an evening to hold a celebration. Whether you’re celebrating a successful quarter, a company’s birthday or you simply want to celebrate the people who make up your company, throw them a picnic! 

Last year, for example, Office Sign Company turned 10 years old. To celebrate, we rented out a park, grilled food, set up games and invited all of the staff and their families to enjoy the party. Not only are family/team picnics a great re-energizer for the team, but they allow families to get to know your cohorts and the company in which you spend the majority of your time.

2 Company-Wide Olympic Games

Office Sign Company employees having an Olympics

Going for a walk outside the office to stretch your legs is a welcomed relief. But sometimes you need to step it up a notch. Take a full afternoon, gather your coworkers and show off your water balloon dodgeball dominance. Call up a local park with ample space to run around and hold a company-wide Olympic Games ceremony! 

It has become a tradition for the folks at Office Sign Company to take an afternoon to do just that. “OSClympics,” as they call it, pairs up teams of individuals who may not have the opportunity to work together very often, and they are challenged with games ranging from an obstacle course to a “sponge launch.” Entertainment is provided, fun is had and camaraderie is plentiful!

3 RedHawks Company Outing 

Office Sign Company at a RedHawks game

RedHawks games are such a highlight for our community. The team behind RedHawks keeps their promise of covering the bases for fun. Their games are themed for families, businesses and giveaways, and we highly encourage taking your team out to their monthly “Business Day Game!” We make this game a priority for our team because it requires minimal planning so that our entire team can enjoy the day. This game serves as a great networking event outside of your business and a fun, relaxing afternoon for your coworkers to enjoy America’s pastime. 

Business Day Games: Thursday, June 20, July 11 and August 1

Office Sign Company volunteering at Ronald McDonald House

Outside of Office Sign Company’s three big cultural events that go on every summer, we try to include a variety of events for our team to take part in. We host spikeball and ping pong tournaments when time allows, we get a group together to try our hand at the Corporate Cup and we volunteer together. From cooking meals at Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley to raising funds for CHARISM to go “Over the Edge,” Office Sign Company encourages company culture. There are so many ways to use all of the resources that our community provides to capitalize that culture, and in turn, you’re helping to make those 40+ hours a week that much more enjoyable for your valued team. 

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